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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

KX3 Software

I cross-posted this at IIIComms blog, here.  Feel free to add IIIComms to your blogroll - I am going to try to build a series of more specialized blogs for particular topics.

Given my personal expectations regarding the North American Liberty Games, I have decided to invest in an Elecraft KX3.  Everyone I have spoken with who really understands Comms tells me the same thing - the KX3 is a great radio, and Elecraft is a great company.

Because I expect a WRoL state when SHTF, there are three old-school Cold War functions I would like this radio to incorporate: Burst transmission for CW, freq hopping, and encryption.

Here's where I need additional support from you Comms guys - can you recommend a software program that will help incorporate all or some of the features I want in my KX3?  Please include strengths and weaknesses, as well as requirements that may be needed on the receiving radio for these options to be useful.



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