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Friday, January 3, 2014

"Savings Tax"

When .gov and their tools speak of you, the Citizen, taking a "haircut" financially, the picture above is really what they mean.

If you do not have X in a place where you can physically protect it, with violence if needed, you do not own X.  Even then, they can take the value of what you hold (gold) and make it useless (illegal to possess or spend, and your neighbors WILL dime you out for a bread chit.)

Here's the second time we've heard this from the IMF in a few months.  If you remember back in October, on the very same day Barrycades were being Returned to Sender, the IMF was meeting (literally just a few blocks away from where the Barrycades were being dumped) and floated this "Wealth Tax" concept.  Now we hear of it again.  When you read the article, you will understand that "Nations" have been taking the money of their "Citizens" since well before you were born.  They are good at it.  They have done it before, and will again, one way or another.  Whether you hold paper or gold or your home on a piece of ground you "thought" was yours, the "value" it holds today will be taken from you and given to others.

This is why I have held since beginning this blog that millions of people work every single day, in their own interests, to push the economic implosion as far into the future as possible - and people are very clever.  You say the US Government is hundreds of trillions in debt?  I say pooh.  All they have to do is declare one day "You will forgive us our debt to you.  Have a nice f'n day and a warm mug of Fuck Off."  Whether you are a FedGov pensioner, an old lady recovering your Social Security contributions, or the Chinese Government, it won't matter one whit.  They've done it before, they will do it again.

Buy lead, instead.  And give 'em all they want...

Here's the article.



  1. Yep...Rata...tat-tat motherfuckers. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA

  2. It is inevitable.

  3. Uh huh ....... your right , that's next . The Republicrat blowhard Limbaugh said last summer that they were looking at ways in which they could " help " people manage retirement accounts . The wild card in this deck is those who have seen an entire life's work destroyed by the government of their own country . They don't give a fuck what happens to them personally anymore . The Bankster criminals and their political whores will inherit scorched earth .


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