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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Gang Thug in the picture is now dead...

The guy above is dead.

He and three of his gang buddies decided to do a home invasion on Joe Torrez, an MMA fighter.

Torrez killed the idiot above.

He destroyed another guy who left on a stretcher with massive facial trauma. .

The other two guys bailed, and were caught by LEO soon after (probably the safest place for them, if you ask me.)

And local LEO - will not rule out bringing charges against Torrez for winning the fight, in his own home, when gang members broke in, with his child and fiancé in the home.

This happened in New Mexico, one of those states we tend to assume still has some common sense. 


Takeaway 1) You just shouldn't fuck with some men.

Takeaway 2) Rule of Law is dead.

Takeaway 3) When you must go, go hard.  Second place in this case would have likely been death for Torrez, rape and death for his fiancé and the other women in the home, and who knows what such animals may have done to the child.

This is why we train.

Here's the article.



  1. Next time I take a pic of my knuckles, I will try my damnest to get the "III" ring to reflect better. ;)

    This is a GREAT article! I hope the home owner is not found guilty. Preferably, I would've used anything that goes bang in my house before going to my fists, palms, elbows or legs. In Krav, you learn how to lock a person up and deliver blows, while using that person as your meatshield before going to the next attcker. I am convinced that Torrez was a blinding fury of attacks before the thugs knew they fucked up.
    In Liberty,

    1. There's only so much you can do to catch the III in the right light - the engraving is a bit too shallow for my tastes. I should have had a batch made with cerakote - maybe next run.

  2. TPTB in New Mexico will never get an indictment against Torrez, or a conviction even if they did get an indictment. What they're doing is establishing an atmosphere of intimidation, threatening "legal" harassment against anyone who considers taking physical action against the two-legged animals invading his own home.

    1. Good to know Daniel. The part I find utterly repugnant, is that ANYONE in the local .gov establishment would, even for half-a-second, contemplate make Torrez and his family think he may have done something wrong. We really, really have to get rid of those people.

  3. Why no mention of this by US "journalism?"

    1. They will - and they will call Torrez an animal and demand "justice" for the poor, under-privileged yoot's who were simply there to collect donations for Mother Teresa.

      Lesson: When you are able, kill 'em all so there is only one story.

      This story really is repugnant.

  4. my father was advised by an attorney that if you have to shoot, make sure they are all dead so they can't testify against you!!

  5. Kerodin,


    I lived in that part of New Mexico for a short time (Dona Ana County) New Mexico is a blue state and basically the LEO's in Las Cruces and Dona Ana County just don't like the competition.

    On another note; more people in New Mexico are on welfare or disability than work in New Mexico if that tells you anything.

  6. They pulled the same shit on me, circa 1979. In the "free" state of Arizona. Go figure....



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