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Friday, January 10, 2014


I don't know how many of them boys they needed to whip my ass...

...but I knew how many they were gonna use. - Ron White

Guys, if you've never been in that position, you've missed a great introspective teaching moment.

If you have been in that position, well, you understand.



  1. hell yeah I've been there. My whole life. When I was young my parents called me "the Tazmanian Devil" then while serving in the Army "Rambo" as I was a paratrooper, then "Crazy Jimmy" when I worked on a Tug and Barge, now they just call me "fucking crazy" I've been known to pick up 10ft long tree trunks, shovels, or pool sticks, and start-a-swinging at entire crowds. lol. I can't wait to see the look at some poor bastards face when I start beating them with a fucking couch, like Mosby recommends.


  2. My favorite memory is driving my 73 Dodge Van down the sidewalk along Gratiot Ave at 6 mile Rd. in Detroit at 2am thru a crowd of enemy combatants to retrieve a fallen comrade after a brawl (4 of us vs. an entire graduation party-that we crashed-lol), and watching them fly thru the air like bowling pins, one-by-one as they were struck by the front end at speed. LOL Good Times.



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