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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ukraine government quits in concession to protesters

Quote of the Counter-Revolution in America offered by Alan M: Seems easy, huh? Just gotta show up.

That's it.


Full stop.

Here's the link.



  1. Interesting to note that there is no fancy equipment. Handguns, no rifles. Sports equipment mostly. No running around in the woods. Just face to face busting heads. And they won in short order.

    Yet here we sit, still debating. Waiting for a sign or event. Insisting that the gig has to go down a certain way. In other words, conforming to pre-conceived notion of how the mission should be accomplished.

    Fucking stupid if you ask me.

  2. Too many people here are afraid of being the guy who dies on opening day. They are simply not committed enough. The people who will show up in DC (or even their State Houses) in sufficient numbers will be the people demanding more/bigger government. Our side will sit on our thumbs until it is too late.

  3. Great stuff, Alan; that's the guy I see!

    Maybe the problem isn't a pre-conceived notion of HOW the mission should be accomplished. Maybe the problem is a pre-conceived notion of WHAT mission should be accomplished. Just a thought.

    And K, I think you're right. So if the choice is demanding more/bigger government versus not demanding more/bigger government, which is the wiser choice?

    "Sufficient numbers" is amorphous. In a particular context, even 3% of 3% can be huge. In almost any context, 60% of 100% is overwhelming.

    I understand that "our side" is very clear in your mind, but nobody knows the future with genuine certainty. Nobody, not ever.

  4. Also K, not to be overly literal and speaking of Pragmatism, why would you choose to be on the side of people who you believe will sit on their thumbs until it is too late?

    I get it though. You mean it as a warning, which is fair enough. Good warning in that respect, I agree.

  5. And back home, we find A (one of many lords of oppression) sample from the tyrants or misguided lawmen.
    "the very person whom can direct people to remove your constitutional rights, needs to be properly trained, needs to be properly certified,and that training needs to be continuous" - Sheriff Hoss Mack (not Sheriff Richard Mack) Baldwin County, Alabama. at 01:00 into the video.



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