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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Week: The true meat of the dicussion

You want to know how America avoids a Red Dawn-esque civil war, correct?  I know I do.

I enjoy spending time with my wife far too much to gratuitously jump into an American civil war, and I will not be taking her with me.  So, I am highly motivated to let that asteroid miss Earth.

As many of you have figured out, I am walking us down a path to reveal how and why X and Y are important, and when, and what, et cetera.  There is simply no way to lay out a working plan for how to avoid mass killings that far too many people feel are inevitable in our Homeland in a single post. 

So, please read the column today as we dare explore how to defeat the Revolutionaries who have been undermining American ideals since the Federalists, through RevWarII, FDR, until now.

This was a discussion held at Concerned American's old place, and it is fundamental.

Hard Things: Part I - Counterforce Vs. Countervalue

Read it please, including the comments.


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  1. May I suggest a little more history for the one week series..... Its called the Norco Bank Robbery. They caused havoc, hate and discontent..... They tied up two counties of law enforcement, shot down a helicopter and wounded many. Their motive was bad, their execution was also bad, but the havoc was enormous. There is a four part series on youtube about the Norco Bank Robbery and subsequent havoc. There are a ton of lessons to be learned.


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