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Sunday, March 30, 2014

American Foolishness: Double-down on Senkaku

America already has a long-standing agreement to spend American lives and treasure to defend Japan if attacked.  Instead of doing the right thing, the smart thing, and refusing to renew that agreement, American politicians are doubling down.

America is pushing for a new panel to operate within the existing paradigm, that will specifically focus on the Senkaku Islands.  Instead of ramping-down, without Japanese requests, our side is escalating the Senkaku issue.  The current American position is simple: If China takes the Senkaku, Americans will fight and die to reclaim them.

Anyone who understands the Asian mind understands that this move from Washington closes a door that might have permitted the Chinese to exit the tension while saving face.  Without the opportunity to save face, China may get all into her feelings and decide to say Fuck You and drop troops on the islands.  While not to the same scale as cutting off re-supply to Japan preceding WWII, it rhymes.

Here's the link.

Watch carefully.  If you have any loved ones serving in .mil in Asia, now would be a good time for them to resign and come home.  Dying to decide what flag flies over a few uninhabited islands, many thousand miles from home, is nothing but a waste of Human Life.



  1. If you read 'Gold Warriors' about the Japanese extraction of wealth during WW2 and how the US took some of that wealth and allowed the Japanese mega corporations (Mitsubishi, etc) to keep a lot of it, you'll get the feeling that there is a crap load of payback coming our way from China. China hasn't forgotten and they are still pissed.
    Chuck M.

  2. Brilliant comments and I learned more about a subject . I really think if the country's all pulled in the same direction this world would work. Perhaps we should all be of the one race, just think if you took the red tape out and put a green friendly one in its place.


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