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Friday, March 28, 2014

Foreign troops will come to play in the North American Liberty Games...

Concern is rising in the US and Japan that China will make a hard play for the Senkaku Islands.  As we cautioned long ago on this blog, if China does nut-up and move on these bits of rock poking out of the sea, we can all conclude that World War III has begun.

Prime Minister Abe of Japan finally seems to be catching up to the geo-political realities facing his nation.  Yesterday he publicly called attention to the similarities between Crimea and the Senkaku.  What many people fail to realize is that under the current US-Japan Defense Agreement, if China does move against the Senkaku (which are uninhabited), the US is obligated to enter the hot ruckus and defend Japan.  The absolute folly of such an agreement can barely be expressed. 

And worse, retired US Marine General Wallace Gregson, who served as Assistant SecDef for Asian and Pacific affairs, is advocating that the US take a strong public position re-affirming our commitment to defend uninhabited islands for Japan with American lives and treasure.

I have become convinced that the imminent Liberty Games will not run the course without Russia and/or China attempting to put boots on CONUS soil.

Have you prepped for that contingency?

Here is the Abe piece.

Here is the post explaining US and Japanese concerns.

Keep a sharp eye on Asia as Russia dominates the world's headlines.



  1. Heh. I have no doubt that Russia and China are ready to tag team us. When they come, I hope they bring more ammo for my AK.

    Should be quite the learning curve for a sizable number of people. Of course there will be those who will welcome the invaders, and of course, there will be special a dispensation for them...

    We still have a little less than 3 years left with You Know Who in the Big House, the land grabbing situation could escalate very quickly, and I cringe even imagining him leading this country into WWIII. Of course, it would take everyone's mind off the pending economic situation....Good grief, the enormity of the situation is mind boggling, is it not?

    Miss Violet

  2. I agree with you although I doubt China and/or Russia will attempt to take more than the West coast and Alaska. My bet is they don't bother to push across the Rockies but ya never know.

  3. "...Russia and/or China attempting to put boots on CONUS soil."

    Fucking. Bring. It.

    1. DTG: You have a package on the way, should be there Tues or Wed. via post office.

  4. I don't think either China or Russia will come here until our population has taken a serious hit, but I'm convinced it will happen before this is done.

    I've been thinking about it for a while, and I actually think America and Americans will be better served with a foreign invader than a simple civil war. A foreign invader will bring many of us together, and killing foreign communists will serve to inform American Liberals/Commies what we are willing to do, without having to lay a hand on them.

    I'd much rather lock horns with foreign soldiers than my neighbors.

    If China escalates the Senkaku issue anytime soon we are in for a very sporty decade.

  5. Red Dawn & Red Dawn 2 in the U.S.? Wolverines!!!

    Dee Jay


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