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Monday, March 3, 2014

IIIGear Update

IIIGear is a bit disconnected at the moment, as I warned folks it would be during the transition to Idaho.  Since Holly and I have now decided to completely walk away from our DC home, we are forced to stick around longer than we want to get the house ready for sale, and all of our possessions to home in Idaho.  I have been deliberately vague from time to time regarding our exact location - a few death threats from cowards who refuse to choose a time and place make such security necessary until I get Holly safely into the mountains.

Troy: Your Messenger Bag is en route.  I'm waiting for the other items on your order to be routed back to me here in DC - then I'll get them right out to you.  We'll throw an extra in for you, just for being so cool and patient.

Everyone else who has placed III Gear orders: Fortunately there are only about a dozen at the moment, most will be going out on Wednesday (we just got blasted with snow, or I'd do it tomorrow).

For everyone else: I am placing a final fresh order to Condor TONIGHT at 3AM Eastern that will be delivered to me here in DC.  Check IIIGear.com and explore the Condor Gear we have available there.  You can also go to the Condor site here, send me an email with the ITEM NUMBER of the widget you want, and I'll zip you a price in time to get it into this order.

HK221 Nomex

One item I am going to push tonight because it is important: Tactical Gloves.  When you get into a CQB scrum and start putting your hands on people, you MUST protect your hands.  If you have ever punched anyone in the face or head you KNOW your hand hurts the next day.  If you are lucky, you won't break any bones that make weapons handling a nightmare for a few weeks.

I have extensively tested 2 Condor variations of Tactical Gloves, and I commend both to you.  I have trained in these gloves - they hold up to the stress, they protect the important parts of your hands, and they fit well so your hands do not slip and slide inside the glove.   If you already own good tactical gloves, you're covered.

If you do NOT own good Tactical Gloves, consider either set of Condor below.  Just click either picture and you'll land on the IIIGear Condor page.  Order by 3AM Eastern tonight and we'll get you into this order.

Future orders: H and I will not be able to process IIIGear orders once we hit the road in a few weeks.  We have a few stops along the way, and the Studio is being remodeled by some great folks - so we'll open for classes soon after getting to town.  If you are coming to the summer PatCom, you are free to come to the Studio for training - it sure beats the stones on the mountain.



  1. Getting this from Paypal now. "Your payment is temporarily pending while we review it. Regulations require us to take a closer look at some transactions. We'll contact you about this again in 24-72 hours."

    Have you seen this before?

    1. Nope - but I think you are good. There was a 6 minute time difference from the time you placed the order until it was approved - you'll probably get an approval email shortly from PayPal.

    2. Ok, good to hear. Thanks Sam.

    3. Chuck: btw - I have the email you sent, will try and respond this evening. ;)

      Stay safe.

  2. ran across this awhile ago figured it might be of interest someone


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