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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

J.C. Dodge: 3D Camo DIY

J.C. Dodge of Mason Dixon Tactical shows how to improvise the advantages of ghillie camo to your kit.  This is practical, inexpensive, and I think offers much of the advantage of a full ghillie without the down-sides.

Read the How-To, here.

Make sure you check out his upcoming training schedule.  Train now in whatever time remains before all training will be on-the-job.



  1. I own a ghillie suit - bought for coyote hunting but will find other uses for it when the time comes. While it does have some great advantages that sucker is Hot with a capital H. I mean 'cook you well done Hot'.
    I never thought about bits and pieces of it here and there to break up my outline. Might have to order me a few pounds of ghillie yarn.

    1. Mr. Dodge is a smart cookie - and has an outstanding rep for tactical training. I've never heard a single complaint. With ideas like this ghillie mod, one can understand why.


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