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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rhetorical, not for discussion...

If you have studied with Max, J.C., DTG, Mosby - how many times since your class have you gone into the field with your own team and worked on those skills?

If you have taken a TCCC course, how much have you cross-trained other members of your Tribe, and how much practical have you applied since your course ended?  How much follow-on training have you taken?

If you took my CQB course, how many times since the class ended have you worked with your spouse or team?  How many times have you practiced getting your hands free from bigger/stronger/faster/younger guys since you did it in my class?  How many times have you even watched the videos?  How many of you found a Krav or other studio to build those skills?

A few months ago we went hard and advocated Comms skills - how much have you done to make that happen?

I'm not going to bust anyone's balls... 

...because I'm not the guy that will be grading your final exam on the study material from any of those courses...

Think about it.


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