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Monday, March 10, 2014

To be or not to be: WWIII

Two posts below I wondered aloud if we are watching the opening moves of WWIII.

It's not always easy to connect all the dots when you are hip-deep in the middle of a mess, and can't see all the pieces.  And it gets even tougher when you are in the middle of SuckIt-stan and various players are intentionally playing misdirection moves.  However, we can see enough from where we do sit today to continue the line of thought: Are we watching the opening moves of WWIII?

Russia has taken two steps that inform us that we should remain highly alert and ready to move.  As I mentioned below: If Russia takes Eastern Ukraine AND we see China move on the Senkaku, Ryukyu islands or Taiwan, we are probably on a fast track to WWIII.

Susan Duclos is reporting that Russia has moved missiles into Crimea to counter the Truxton, here.

Brock is reporting that Russia is publicly warning Ukraine about their "lawlessness", here.

Within the Cold War paradigm, these two moves could be reliably dismissed as mere sabre rattling.

But we aren't in the old Cold War paradigm, are we...

Keep an eye on Ukraine.  Keep an eye on the PRC.

And check your iodide supply...


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