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Monday, March 10, 2014

Ukraine Lawmaker: We may have to go Nuclear

I have a decent understanding of the Soviet mind.  Not Russian - Soviet.

A Ukrainian politician (in office) told the world that Ukraine may need to go nuclear to reverse the Russian action in Crimea.  Unless Ukraine held a few old nukes back behind the shed and has the ability to put them on target very quickly, this Ukrainian lawmaker (Pavlo Rizanenko - in Parliament) may have just sentenced his Countrymen to slavery.

Vladimir Putin is a Soviet thoroughbred.  He was born and raised Soviet.  He was KGB.  He also is a proud Russian from St. Petersburg.  He believes Russia has been treated shabbily, and he believes that Russia has a rightful place as the Alpha world power.

When Vlad hears "Ukrainian lawmaker wants nukes..." what he really hears is "How dare they be so disrespectful - give me just one reason I should not take all of Ukraine and teach them another lesson from their Masters in the Kremlin - this time we will make the Holodomor look like Club Med!"

The US and UK helped convince Ukraine to give up her nukes after the Soviets "fell".

Make no mistake: The US and UK will do nothing to defend Ukraine if Vlad decides to take it.

And every Ukrainian death that results will leave blood on American and British hands.

Here's the link to the story.


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  1. I believe it has been over about a week. Putin, et al are just waiting for the yes vote and then the die will have been cast. Crimea will become independent under the Soviet umbrella or taken in by them.


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