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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bundy & the 2014 Vote

I do not care what flag flies over any capitol in the world - except mine.
American voters head to the polls in 204 days to determine who sits in every seat of the House and 1/3 of the Senate.  The people who play election politics, on both sides, have massive gains or losses to be made.  The political Right wants a referendum on the Obama Administration and ObamaCare.  The political Right anticipates sweeping victories that will expand their margin in the House and probably even take the Senate, bumping Harry Reid to the minority.  The political Left, especially the Executive, desperately want Democrats to control both arms of Congress for the veneer of political legitimacy that would come with a Congress that "supports" the goals of the Administration through 2016.  President Obama will use Executive Orders to get his way if he must, but he'd greatly prefer to have Congress rubber-stamping his laws.

How would a BLM firefight at the Bundy Ranch play in an electoral year, especially if it was tied to Reid and back room deals?  You know how it would play.  So do the Leftists among us.  I'd be willing to bet heavily that election optics played a role in the BLM stand-down.  If FedGov were seen to be drawing first blood the political Right would sweep the field.  If the Leftists return to the Bundy Ranch, it will be because they believe they can control the narrative.  There will be no other reason.

The day after the 2012 elections I predicted FedGov would gently and carefully ramp up their Police State activities through the 2014 vote.  After the polls close this November, whichever way it goes, I remain convinced FedGov will begin to go hard.  Whether by Executive Orders or by Congressional approval, the Enemies of Liberty have an agenda they mean to have implemented.  You can expect most optics will be abandoned.

This all leads to questions about 2016.  Are there designs to do the unthinkable and abandon the 2016 elections?  I truly never thought I would seriously entertain such a possibility in my lifetime.  Now, I entertain the possibility.  The movement to the Left in America must, at some point, follow the natural evolution of Leftist efforts and make a bold power grab, dismiss the Constitution and declare that America has been 'fundamentally transformed'.  Every Leftist movement in history has, at some point, made that power grab.  Leftists in America will not abandon that goal.

But will they do it at the 2016 elections?  Consider that the implosion of the American economy, and the world economy, is imminent.  Consider the best way for global-class thieves to cover their crimes - war.  Politicians and Banksters and others have financially raped every nation on Earth to the point of collapse.  A global-class crime will require a global war.

Never forget that the Left not only wants a fight, that they believe they can and will win that fight, and they must have this fight to recognize their ultimate goals.

Think about it.  Prep accordingly.



  1. I do believe that if elections were suspended by the left, that would be what it takes for us to step out of the comfort of our living rooms and out onto the field of battle to overthrow a dictatorship.

  2. I agree with you wirecutter, concern is the age groups. I've 3 sons and 5 nephews 21 to 38, they don't really get it. All working long hours, some with families to support. Seems the only news they get is on the radios to and from work. Good boy's in all but strong like bull, smart like tractor mentality. Truck payments higher priority than ammo.I here the youngest say to his buddy the other day." Dads fucking crazy about government conspiracy shit..But he makes good shine" Hillbilly out.


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