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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bundy AAR: From the ground

This report was given to Rich D., a Patriot I know and trust,  by one of his fellow militiamen who was on the ground.  Well done!  Source: Ms. Merchant of Doom, California Free Militia


For the record!

According to my camera timestamps (which were correct BTW)...We got in
our cars at the Bundy HQ around 11:15 to go get the cattle and shut down
the 15. We were out of our car and on site off the 15 staging area at
11:45. Butler and I first came down the hill and around the corner in
the shooting gallery at 12:08. I get a shot the first shot of Rhodes
and Mack rolling up at 1:57pm. We had already advanced on the gates 3
times by that time and literally 2 minutes after they arrive one of the
Bundy’s gives us FINAL instructions on the people pulling back so they
could release the cattle. At 2:08 the Nazi shooting gallery was already
cleared and the cowboys were at the gate to go get the cattle. Sometime
between the 10 minutes of them showing up and Tiananmen Square being
cleared out…Mack comes running down the shoot yelling that all of us
people had to get the hell out of there and hidden before they could
bring the cattle out. No shit Sherlock…the cowboy told us that while
you and Rhodes were 200 yards back jerking each other off. We were
already talking celebration beers back at camp by that time. First
cattle pass under the bridge at 2:53pm. Shit was over by the time they
showed up…the mercenaries had already pulled back and it was just Metro
up front with all of their sidearms holstered and most of them were
making small talk with the cowboys. At that time they showed up the
biggest concern was running out of water and trying to find a place to
pee. They are both cowards and its gross to see how they are putting
their stories out. The whole put women up front statement from Mack…he
can fuck himself. I was out front advancing with my hands in the air
because they were going to have to shoot an unarmed girl before they
took out a cowboy. Rhodes was in town for 2 days before he showed his
face and Mack opted for a Tea Bag meeting the night before rather than
bitch slap some sense into that loser Sheriff.

The most intense moment was at 12:21pm when we advanced on the
Blackwater (Academi) mercenaries with our hands in the air. I am
working on uploading the vid but below is a screenshot from the camera
in my hand as I advanced. There was one cowboy in front of me and
eventually an awesome militia guy who helped keep peeps back and calm.
If you were advancing in this line at 12:21 you were in harm from being
murdered by your own government. Those fuckers were nowhere near this
place when this particular advance happened.

Below that screenshot is the pic I took as soon as they came down.
Rhodes didn’t even have an OK’s shirt on, only an OD green hat on and he
looked like…oh shit…I prolly should have shown up to this photo op
sooner! Seriously, he looked like he wanted to hide. Mack on the other
hand walked right up to me and asked if I knew who he was! Like a
fuking celebrity or a wrangler. I let him know I had fundraised for him
but asked where he has been. That’s when he told me about that very
important tea party meeting he HAD to go to. But oh…we have some
donations for the family.

It will take some time for me to get all my pics and vids out cause we
are watermarking and copyrighting so the main stream media pukes cant
use our footage. But please get the word out on what really happened
with Rhodes and Mack. I am going to vomit if I hear another interview
of them talking some kind of credit for what happened that day.

Lastly…don’t believe ANYTHING major like they are arresting militia or
confiscating guns unless it is coming straight from the Bundy’s alerts.
Sign up here
http://www.instantcustomer.com/go/109934 Also subscribe
to the Bundy YouTube page

More to come…


  1. Thanks for the update. Please keep the truth coming.
    Chuck M.

  2. Something more professionally written would have more credib ility and not appear so haphazard as the militia movement comes off nowadays. Professionalism being shown from the moral high ground would be a huge force for good. But thank you for the update and exposing these two as the opportunistic leeches we've all theorized they were.

    1. I'll take a single report from the ground, written by a real Patriot over a hundred "professional" reports.

  3. These days, I figure probably the less "professional," the more accurate. But in the end, no matter who says anything, it comes down to what's true and false, correspondent or not. "Reality is the final arbiter."

  4. I knew something was rotten in Denmark, as I took note of increasing posts from Stewie, in which he projected himself and ok's as being in tactical charge of protests, organizing efforts and portraying himself as the sole authority after the Bundy family.
    I really knew some shady bullshit was going down, when sipsey suddenly dragged his "I am too sick and cancer ridden to do anything" ass from Kentucky to Nevada.
    He's always too damn tired, sick and a Stalinist eraser to finish a novel, which was ready to be published five years ago, but he can sickley and fatigued ass across the nation after the fact, simarly potraying himself like stewie.
    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

    1. "...in tactical charge of protests."

      Heh...the only guy who's EVER going to be in tactical charge of me is the one to whom I say explicitly, "I'm taking orders from you, Sir."

      I hope I can still protest, hahaha. Have a pleasant and safe holiday.

  5. I'll vouch for the author of this report, as well as her companions. Good folks who get off their ass and make things happen. Much brighter than some "others" I've trained with back in SoCal.


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