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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harry Reid thinks we are 'Domestic Terrorists'...

[Harry] Reid referred to Bundy supporters as “Nothing more than domestic terrorists,” adding, “I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.”

First: Fuck Harry Reid.

Secondly: Are you dismissing his comment as sour grapes after having his reputation again dinged because of his involvement in the matter?  You shouldn't. 

When the majority leader of the United States Senate calls you a Domestic Terrorist, and he has helped his colleagues pass many, many laws that deal very harshly with 'Domestic Terrorists', and the legitimacy of his powerbase is challenged and backs down in the desert, you had better take him seriously.  He has just been very honest with us all.  He has told us what he thinks of us, and he has already told the world how we should be treated.  And he has hundreds of political allies currently sitting in elected offices across the country.  And his team has a million guns and badges at their disposal, waiting for orders.

When a man tells you who he is, believe him.

Harry Reid is not the first to use the label on those of us who have a respect for our Founding Documents and our Founding Ideals since the events in the desert.  You will remember we linked a piece at Politicususa in which Keith Brekhus pointedly called us all Domestic TerroristsReuters has an article that is surprisingly objective.  They don't call us Domestic Terrorists, but they do reinforce the idea that the Bundy Affair has 'emboldened' Militia groups and their supporters.  And we all know how that translates within American Communist circles.

Concerned American has posted on the topic, including text from a couple of laws that will be used against 'Domestic Terrorists', here.

If you had any doubts that RevWarIII is begun, I hope you can see now that the Other Side is in agreement, and they are moving to engage.  All those laws, those MRAPs, those ammunition purchases, those training cycles at LEO shops across the country over recent years that cast "Tea Party" participants as violent enemies, have all been leading to this day - when they may openly charge us with crimes against the state.

We are now in an Existential, Zero Sum war against the Enemies of Liberty in America.

You will not elect anyone to change this course.  You will not be able to reason with their law enforcers.  You will get no quarter in the courts.  You will be further and relentlessly smeared in their media.

They mean that you will bend knee, go to prison, or be murdered in the name of 'Defending the Republic' from your terrorism.  They mean to be Masters, and they now mean to eradicate all challenges to their reign.

It's on.

It is time to seriously consider being disappeared.  It is time to watch and see if your allies suddenly vanish or catch cases.  It is time to understand the only way out of this challenge is through it.  You'd better understand that at any given moment you may have your assets frozen, your ability to re-supply bullets, beans, bandaids may end in an instant, your children intercepted at school by social workers who claim they are not safe in a 'Terrorists' home.

These actions will not happen all at once.  But they have all been released to the armory for use against you.  I do not think they will move in force until after the November elections - but you can bet they will move selectively between now and November to lay the ground.

I truly hope you understand that at a level beyond the academic.



  1. All true, every bit of it. I knew it last Saturday night; I can't believe that anyone with half a wit is still skeptical.

    Being a simpleton, I figure all someone has to do is to know their plan when martial law is declared. I don't know what the spark will be and I don't know exactly when--well before November IMO--but that's as close to a certainty, as anything n the future could be.

    But of course, nothing in the future is certain. That's why the best defense is a good offense, though probably we differ on what that looks like.

  2. Good commentary, Sam. Linked in.

  3. Hey, K...with regard to your "leave or die" meme, I think Reid makes a stronger case than you do. I doubt that anyone's brilliance could possibly trump his idiocy.

    There's a bright side too. This guy may have done more for the Freedom Movement than all the blog writing of the past five years, in a single day yet. With enemies like him, who needs friends?

  4. Well I hope all you John Waynes out there employ the effective hit run tactic to keep the government busy putting out forest fires and draining contaminated water reservoirs and fixing collapsed bridges and rail lines etc …. Know what I'm saying .. you can't take them on face to face … do what the original Tea Partiers did …. strike and run and hide and repeat often. Meanwhile the Brits lined up like toy soldiers in their bright red tunics … easy targets.


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