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Monday, April 21, 2014

III CQB: Free Sneak Peek Weekend & PatCon Note

**UPDATE** - Password has been changed.  My thanks to those of you who visited.  I've emailed the new password to Subscribers - if you haven't rec'd it drop me an email Kerodin@Kerodin.com


I am offering a free weekend at the III CQB site for those of you who haven't yet joined.  Take a peek and you'll see techniques from the course to help you train at home with your Tribe.  I just added an important new video.
The password is: IIIMMA (case sensitive)
I'll change the password Monday.
If you have been through the III CQB class, you should subscribe.  I add at least one new technique each month.

Here's the CQB site.

PatCon: Brock's NC PatCon is in a few weeks.  This will be the last CQB class I teach outside of Idaho for a while - at least through the summer.  If circumstances permit H and I will be at Brock's Fall PatCon, but given what is happening in the world right now, who knows if that will be possible.  So if you have attended the CQB class in the past, come to Brock's and take it again (free).  If you haven't taken it yet, it is a great way to interact with your fellow Patriots.  And whether you take CQB or not, I suggest everyone take Grenadier's Force on Force course.  Saturday promises to be an important day, with much to be discussed.  Here's Brock's PatCon page.

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