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Friday, April 25, 2014

It's time for Patriots to put on big-boy pants and seriously consider...

...that RevWarIII may be fought in the midst of WWIII.

Ukraine is bracing for the Russians.  It has been obvious for a while that Russia intends to take at least Eastern Ukraine.  My analysis suggests they will move to secure everything from the Dnieper east.  Would the Ukrainians permit Kiev to border Russia just across the river?  Or would they begin fighting in a Resistance capacity - which would of course motivate Russia to simply sweep west to the borders of Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

Wherever Russia decides to stop advancing, the reality is clear: They will advance as far as they wish to advance.  American and NATO stupidity aside, Russia is now committed with Nationalist Face on the line.  As far as Russians are concerned, it is now a matter of national pride and respect to take as much as they want.  And the Russian people will not only support Vlad, they will worship him.  Their national blood is up.

For anyone studying how Russia has executed this event, there is only room for respect, even if you hate Russia and Russians.  The play on nationalist emotions was done brilliantly by Vlad.  His SpecOps teams worked flawlessly in Crimea and they repeated that excellence across the east, coordinating with local sympathizers with textbook effectiveness.  The politics of baiting Kiev and the political optics of sitting down in Geneva were executed without Washington/EU/Kiev being able to score even a symbolic point.  And of course, our President and his team proved witless and simply not up to the intellect of the Kremlin.

Now we must pivot to apply serious mental energy to the consideration that our President may mean to use Ukraine as justification for launching WWIII in the European Theatre.  As our older Patriots who served in the Cold War era and through Reagan know, the commitment of sufficient men and materiel to secure Europe from a riled Bear is beyond anything America has done in generations.  And as a means to distract the population from global wealth theft, and to put orders on the books of every defense contractor in the free world, commiting Americans to Europe would be a very prudent move.

We shall see.

In the meantime, here's the article regarding Ukraine's belief that invasion is imminent.

Here's a report about Russian fighter aircraft in the skies over Ukrainian soil.

Brock has more, here.

S&P has cut Russian debt to just above Junk.

And for anyone following the Geopolitical potential of WWIII as a means of escape for the world's banksters and defense industry, remember that defending the Senkaku on behalf of Japan has now been affirmed from the mouth of the American President himself.  There's your Pacific Theatre.

That means something.



  1. Lithuania and Estonia are also most likely in the sights, but I know you've thought of that. :)

    It's a good point, and a more likely scenario than most, that the ruckus overseas will be discussed at the daily intel dump, since we'll be rather busy. ;)

    1. Yep, all those old European Ground War plans are being dusted off, on both sides.

  2. Damn, we'll just be shootin' at everybody, huh?

  3. Just consider what it would mean to RevWarIII if FedGov drafted and shipped a few million young, able-bodied men out of the country. That'd leave just us old guys between Washington and full tyranny...

    1. I doubt most of those "able-bodied men" would turn up for induction.
      Many of them are the dumbed down, metrosexual, effeminate, everything techno, know nothing sheeple, who have no idea why they were being drafted.
      Moreover, they would not even see such a draft anywhere on the horizon, out to the center of the Universe.
      Without question, this would compound a wave of rage, based on nothing more than the selfishness of the full retard.

  4. I'll be goddamned if my sons get shipped off to war.
    Ain't gonna happen...

    1. If this all comes to pass we may need to establish a network of sorts to keep our young men free, safe, hidden.

  5. Did you see the removal of the last US armored unit in Europe went off as planned last week? The m1a1's were loaded on ships for the trip home. Seems like an interesting thing to do if we were serious about stopping Russia any time soon. I think we sold them out, lock, stock and barrel.

    1. I did see it, and it simply feeds my cynical nature. Why take Apaches from NG in CONUS? Because we'd end up using them.

      Why take tanks away from our troops in Europe? Because they'd use them.

      But if they don't have them, well...

  6. Kerodin,


    Where is Fedgov gonna get the money to fight WW3 ????

    Pardon my crudeness, but unless Janet Yellen Starts to shit Gold Bars by the tens of thousands every day, we don't have the money.

    On another note; Its comical that S & P downgraded Russia to junk status. They are not hindered by crap we have over here and Russian companies can operate with fewer expenses and remain more profitable.

    It would have made a great "Twilight Zone" episode during the cold war. Capitolist Russia and Communist America.

    1. Money to fight WWIII: Remember that "money" in the world today is little more than an illusion. Wealth is in oil, gold, steel, machines and the ability to make tools of war. Wealth is in new territories that have to pay their taxes into your coffers - such as big chunks of Ukraine will soon be doing to Moscow. "Money" as it happens today is merely ledgers of smoke.

      And remember the most important part of going to WWIII to protect Banksters and Defense Industry Execs: "Victory" will not be defined as "defeating" China or Russia. Victory of the US will be defined as covering up the frauds of the last decades and putting the Constitution in the trash bin once and for all. From that paradigm, "wealth" will grow exponentially over the next decades into the .Gov coffers.


      "If" they win...

      Zoomie has it right. Do not let any young man you care about go into .mil - they will be sacrificed in foreign lands in Europe and probably Asia to cover the misdeeds of Banksters here. There is no other real purpose US Gov will send troops to either theatre.

  7. And what ;pray tell me, will America arm its young men with? The Air Force of the 1990's sets in the "boneyard" outside Yuma. The M-60 MBT's are scrap . Half the M-1 MBT's used in Iraq have been scraped or sold to other governments thru the DRMO. The rest, all built between 1983 and 1993 await rebuild at the Detroit Tank Arsenal . The M-1 and M-2 AFV's are all in the same shape; used up- worn out and sold off or given away as "aid". For five YEARS the US Military has dredged the storage depots world wide to find new weapons to arm the troops in "the 'Stan" That cold war stockpile is gone . The bases used in WW-2 Korea and Vietnam to train draftees are closed-cut-downsized. The ability to manufacture the "goods of war" no longer exists in the FUSA, . The factories, Mines, steel mills, smelters , fabric mills, canneries, fisheries, farms and trained willing workers ARE GONE. Destroyed by 50 years of incompetent government. If we start today it will take 2 to 5 YEARS to rebuild half of the military force America had in 1986, and Vlad KNOWS IT . Make no mistake Putin is Russian, and more than ruthless enough to watch 200000 of his own people die in a Blitz across Europe. But he won't have to, because he knows "we got nuttin'". Oh , Obama will bluff, he will strut, and pout, and shake his little fist in impotent rage, and in the end he will fold and leave Europe, because he can't do anything else. America is no longer a "superpower". We are not even a "Great Power" the weapons that once armed us, sold or destroyed. What we will likely see is an American force(I cannot bring myself to call that platoon in Poland an Army) over run and crushed in hours. A Nuke Scare with a humiliating surrender and martial law. Followed by gun confiscation with the "help" of the UN .An end to all personal freedom and the civil war part III. A civil war that will come far to late IMO to save us. But WW-3? Not with the US "leading the way" or even fighting much, and every government on earth knows it.

    1. Anon: You are assuming a very dangerous fact that is not in evidence: You are assuming that the people in America who would send us into such a war actually intend to win...

    2. You suggest out gutted infrastructure (such as factories, mines, smelters, textile industry, farms, canneries) are gone because of - your words: "Destroyed by 50 years of incompetent Government."

      I would contend this gutting has nothing to do with incompetence at all. It has been systemic, it has been institutionalized. It has been deliberate. These industries that once made America self-sufficient have been given to our mortal enemies by people inside America who opened the gates of the fortress from within.

      This is no accident. This is not stupidity.

      You are underestimating the enemy at a breath-taking level.

    3. "You are underestimating the enemy..."

      That's right. Success is measured by the values of the actors, and a US defeat in WWIII would be a complete success by their standards, including most of those in our very own government.

      But they forgot something. If CWII takes place at the same time or before, the US will have a defensive force the likes of which the world has never seen. We even know what it'll be called...FREEFOR.

  8. As I posted at FNC yesterday---consider it and how we are being played by the real enemies of freedom around the world. IMHO---if OZero pushes our fighting men into a battle with Russia---they need to refuse their orders and immediatly attack DC and us patriots should help them in every statehouse and fed gov installation world wide.

    "I hope Putin has the balls to tell the NWO, Eurotrash, merikans to make his day. Putin is a leader of his nation and defender of its historical people.

    Obama, Reid---along with various "conservatives" like Beck, Hannity, Rand Paul would like to make Davidian Fried Chicken out of the Bundys and their defenders....including a NEGRO-- Jason Bullock --who would "take a bullet to protect Bundy". They want to burn down Bundy and the Patriots....because they are like Putin....the Bundys and Patriots are willing to defend their country and historical people...

    Ok---I've got on my flame suit....but just think about it for a second.....why the hell is John "Amnesty" McCain going to be hosting a gala event for Hillary Clinton??? The right and left wings of the same shit bird big government party. Tells you something when OZero and his henchman Ketchup Man Kerry are egging on a war with Russia....at the same time the sniveling turncoats of Glen Beck and Hannity are egging on a war with Russia....think about it!"


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