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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mercenaries in sheeps clothing available for immediate deployment?

There is a tactical reality Patriots must consider going forward.

It has been mentioned (without support, as far as I have seen) that BLM had paid mercenaries on the ground in Nevada.  This guy sure doesn't look like the sort of fellow I've seen in BLM uniform or who would be attracted to BLM as a career choice.  Perhaps he really is simply one of their SWAT guys.

But this is a consideration we must explore until we have some answers.

If there were mercs on the ground in BLM uniform, and had events turned sporty, Patriots may have been facing an adversary far more capable than expected.  Men who not only know how to shoot, move and communicate, but men who have done it for a living.  And if they were mercs, what assets did they have nearby, ready to rope-in with serious firepower?

I have a piece of information that suggests the mercenary angle may have merit.  In 2012 BLM reportedly had 255 men with badges and guns in the agency.  (Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, here) People on the ground at Bunkerville, and press reports, say there were 200 or so BLM uniforms in place.  I have searched every picture I can find, and I have not found anything but BLM patches - no FBI, Marshals, et cetera.

Do we believe that BLM was able to muster more than 2/3 of their armed personnel in the desert from across the nation for this one operation?

If we have a hard time believing that proposition, then we must consider who the men were in BLM uniforms.  If they were, indeed, paid soldiers, then we must consider an even more uncomfortable reality:  FedGov has contract operators standing by as trigger-pullers and they have protocols in place that facilitate putting these men in official US Government Agency uniforms on a short timeline.

Let that soak in, folks.

If we hold that such a possibility exists, we must follow it to likely conclusions and be aware of it in future meetings of Patriots and ".Gov employees."

How many contract operators are at the disposal of FedGov?  How many different agencies have extra uniforms ready for them to wear?  How many times in the past have professional mercenaries been in our midst, wearing official uniforms, ready to unleash hell on behalf of BLM, Capitol Police, Uniformed Secret Service, et cetera?

There are many more questions here than answers.  And any answers we discover will reveal more questions. 

But one thing appears to be true: Patriots standing face-to-face with "Government employees" in the future must be prepared to suddenly be facing mercenaries with serious skills, serious back-up capabilities, and rules of engagement that would normally bind whatever agency they are impersonating.

Patriots had better be ready to go hard, and underestimate no man.



  1. The use of private contractors in high risk theaters of operation such as Iraq and Afghanistan should tell you all you need to know. Mercs are by definition loyal to one thing. A big pay check. I have no doubt they will be used in any conflict on CONUS. Remember, morality and loyalty (or lack thereof) can be bought. Ask any politician.

  2. I like the way you put it out there on the table for all to see.just because I have an ar and a boat load of ammo does not mean that I am capable of going one on one with these guys as im sure not many of the middle age fellows on here are.most of us have no mil training at all though,but we have one thing they don't and that is morals and we will fight for those.they have none as I consider them people whores for money and they are fighting for the wrong cause.the cool thing is that I don't have to be near them to fight them.its spring people get out and practice at more than changing channels and surfing the net.

  3. then as part of your intelligence operations follow them when they go back to where ever and start the process of identifying them and their bosses. when they realize we have them in cross-hairs in their lairs then they may decide to refrain from working!

    1. Exactly right. We need to be hunters as well as confronters.

    2. lady of the lake I like how you think. appear to be a confronter while you are actually just scoping out the future huntees!

  4. That might explain some of the reckless actions by the "BLM terrorists" on the ground. One of the things I have a problem with, is that there appeared to be no female or minority BLM "officers" present. That's a red flag right there.

  5. Dude's got an earring in. No way were we allowed earrings when I was with DOI/USPP. This guy is not who the patch says he is.

    1. Excellent post.


      follow them when they go back to where ever and start the process of identifying them and their bosses. when they realize we have them in cross-hairs in their lairs


    2. they would be the modern equivalent of the Hessians the Tories used in the Revolution version 1! and look how much good that did them.

  6. Col. Potter and others think those wearing the BLM uniform were sat up for slaughter, along with the Patriots. They were sat up by Sheriff Gillespie, according to Col. Potter.

    The BLM agents told Patriots after the standoff they knew nothing of an agreement about stopping the cattle gather or giving the cows back to Bundy. They said Sheriff Gillespie, lied about any agreement.

    On a video I heard Col. Potter say he thinks those in BLM uniforms figured that out, right at the last minute. And, that is one of the reasons, BLM backed down.

    Wonder what happens if mercenaries feel they were betrayed to be kill on purpose, by the ones that hired them.

    I don't remember the name of the video. But, I'm sure it can be found on You Tube under Col. Potter.

  7. Multi Cam & Velcro patches make it easy for this goon to be BLM today, Parks & Recreation tommorrow morning, Dept of Energy in the afternoon and Spetznat in the evening when he returns to base, also to not go without mentioning his two comrades in Kahki, typical of Kraft International uniforms, good point also on the lack of diversity in this deployment, check here for else favors multi-cam:http://www.kamouflage.net/camouflage/00284.php
    Rd III

  8. Pictures. Lots of pictures. Maybe a sympathizer with access to facial recognition software can help. Then Patriots may have other "options".

  9. One thing I've ponder every time I see this picture, is what he's holding in his right hand, just above his left hand. Is it some sort of camera? If so, can anyone identify it? If so, I also wonder what sort of software is running behind it, potentially identifying the patriots at whom it's directed.

  10. Most of the alleged contractors spotted by Bundy supporters are not going to initiate a fire-fight with US Citizens! Their presence is due to bureaucrats using them as a form of intimidation. They inspire confidence in political wannabe's as a way to force their ideology on an unwilling public. These men are not going to commit suicide by charging into an armed crowd with guns blazing for a spineless politician and their agenda. The danger is an accidental escalation by the "operator wannabe's" hiding in back behind the fancy government equipment and costumes/uniforms. There's too many agencies involved to reliably identify allegiances. Most of the patch wearing uniforms in question may be simply federal law enforcement (FBI/DHS) collecting photos and intel on protestors. Recent former SW personell employed as 'for hire" contractors for the government fall into the same habits of dress as their previous profession. It's part of the "identity" that they project that gets them these type of assignments. The unkempt beard, backwards "operator" ball cap, the high dollar sunglasses, non-standard or improperly worn uniform,... The clues are there. Witness the now imfamous well dressed and identical "The Craft" employess in Boston last year. Men of this caliber naturally want to identify as something "different" than ordinary law enforcement. Intel is key. But "contractors" placed on show front and center are not going to be the "trigger men" in these conflicts. At least not while the cameras are there... Expect the well rehearsed police action of overwhelming force using the same tried and true script of recent history. The "stand-down" or withdrawal by the BLM was only due to the surprising and unexpected resistance they encountered. Perhaps that is the lesson to be learned. While passive and peaceful mass protest is desirable for today's media saturated enviroment, it's the unpredictable and fluid nature of resistance that will give pause to the oppressors. They have a script... Be unpredictable...

  11. Do they bleed?

    If they bleed, we can kill them.

  12. The dude talking to the folks at the gate just before the Feds backed off didn't look like a fed ... More like a hired gun from Blackwater or whatever they're calling themselves today.

  13. Anon 6:03... Excellent insight and commentary!


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