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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Now on the record: US will fight for Senkaku

America is now on the record.  US Marines and the US Navy will put Americans in harm's way over the Senkaku islands against China, if needed.

This comes directly from the mouth of our brilliant SecDef Chuck Hagel.

Stupidity.  Calculated.

Those who claim to be our Masters have decided America shall have war in the homeland as well as internationally.

It is more than just a fight on the Asian front.  NATO plans to put troops directly in harm's way over Ukraine as well.

Use this information as you will. 



  1. A two front war overseas.............nobody guarding the cookie jar at home. Could be easier but I don't see how .......... LOL.

    tick toc ..... tic toc.

  2. My oldest granddaughter just got turned down by the Army for a physical condition. Thank You, Lord.

  3. Must be more oil/rare earth elements in South China Sea than previously thought...



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