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Friday, April 11, 2014

Patriots doing the hard work to uncover the Truth

CA has linked the first revelation from Dana Loesch, expanded upon at InfoWars.

This is what it looks like when Patriots work together, all in pursuit of the same goals.

This is what it looks like when Patriots pick up the rope and pull in the same direction.

The mask is being ripped away.  The Truth is being bared for all to see.

To the group of Patriots on the ground in Nevada, I urge you to begin to focus on a goal to harness your energies in a productive manner.  TL Davis suggests getting the Bundy cattle back to the Bundy Ranch, and I can not think of a better immediate goal.  (TL expands, here.)  It is politically savvy.  It rights a wrong.  It forces the Enemies of Liberty to decide: Escalate or de-escalate.  You put the burden upon the other guy.  This is smart.

Patriots, stand together.  Continue to dig and reveal the Truth.  Continue to heed wise counsel.

And, if they mean to have a war, so be it.  We've been here before...


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