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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stupidity: Showcased yet again...

One of the benefits to a full-scale scrum is that the gene pool is often cleared of stupid people. 

What's worse than stupid people?  Manipulative people who pray upon the fearful for coin.

Some people stir the sh*t simply because generating fear is good for the profit statement.

The blogosphere is buzzing with the latest bit of stupidity to be thrust into the debate.  Whether the people peddling this are doing so because they are stupid or because they enjoy a sales rush when fear is stoked - you can decide for yourself.

The Daily Sheeple ran a story written by a guy named James Smith, titled: Is the VA preparing for violence against veterans?

I read it, had my doubts, and asked someone I know to comment.  This person is inside that organization, and moreover, handles contractors and purchasing among other duties.  He knows what he's talking about.

Here's the simple reality: The VA has many departments, and each of those departments has a bank account from which it buys goods and services needed to carry out their assigned mission.  If Department X has a money surplus (The first law of Government Budgeting - spend all your money or you'll get cut next cycle) and Department Y is running low and needs widgets, sometimes Department X will place the order and take delivery of the widgets, then have the widgets sent to Department Y down the hall on a hand truck.

When you hear someone floating a story as foolish as the concept that doctors, nurses, orderlies, technicians, support staff are buying ammunition so they can shoot veterans, you know you are listening to someone who is trying to sell you something.  A quick glance at The Daily Sheeple website suggests they may be trying to sell you preps.

And if you truly believe that doctors, nurses, orderlies, technicians and support staff mean to kill the people in their care, and you think they need bullets to do it, you should ask your doctor to increase your meds.

Here's the link to the original story.

Patriots: Please bitchslap stupidity when you find it trying to creep into our community.



  1. K
    I read the same article and thought it was a load of crap. I know an Air Force vet currently building VA clinics in Eastern NC in order to take the load off the VA Hospitals that can't handle the everyday physicals, blood tests, etc. He stresses the VA will take care of the vets but the hospitals are overwhelmed so these clinics will take care of the day to day procedures. They just completed one in Goldsboro, are working on one in Jacksonville and are starting one in Sanford with more to come. Glad to see these guys are getting what they need.

  2. "'It is incumbent of all of the claimants to foreswear intimidation, coercion and other non-diplomatic or extra-legal means,' he said."

    What happened, did you find a liar who doesn't lie? That would be news.

    1. Wow, something got screwed up there...either my head or your network, K. That comment was for the Russel piece above.


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