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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The "Register Jews" silliness

I am disappointed that so many people in our community still accept at face value what is offered in MSM.  The moment this story broke I knew intuitively it was American psyops.

You do remember that three days ago Forbes and other US media outlets began running "Putin is Hitler" propaganda pieces, yes?  It is American politicians who use Hitler to smear their enemies.  They do it here at home and they do it overseas.  Within 24 hours of the Forbes piece, the "Registration Order" for Jews pops up. 

This is simply American foreign policy.  It is embarrassing.  It is beneath what we Patriots believe our country should be.  It is dishonest.  And the worst part of the whole ordeal - it is so pathetically amateur.

Patriots: Harden your hearts, for we are at war.  The Enemies of Liberty among us are willing to use any means to see their agenda succeed.  If you are to survive the challenges in our future, you must see through the BS, quickly.

Here's the Forbes piece.




  1. Robert the Irish JewApril 19, 2014 at 8:59 PM

    What made this psyop work was the fact it was so believable. Especially in the Ukraine. If it had happened before to your people, you would not feel so quick to "see through it".. The psyop people know we all have our psychic baggage. Think what baggage they can use on you, and yes, harden your minds..

    1. Agreed, I am certain the Jews in the area are checking over their shoulders and buying extra ammo - wisely so.

  2. It was certainly someones psyop. Not convinced it was a US psyop. I would imagine that Mossad has people on the ground now regardless, if they did not already


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