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Monday, April 14, 2014

What's next for Bundy?

I don't do "guesses".  They are unprofessional, often lead people to expending energy and resources foolishly, and when you guess wrong you give your enemies an advantage (and earn a bad reputation for your analytical skills.)  So, what do I think is the next step in the Bundy Affair, given that BLM and Justice are taking the position that they made no deals and will continue prosecuting the matter?


If .Gov decides it is important to recover Face in this matter, I would expect the Marshal service is brought in to arrest Cliven in order to enforce the existing court orders.  "If" they come, they may arrest him in a low-risk environment, such as when he is out doing chores in town.  "If" they decide to make more of a spectacle, they will come to his ranch, and you can bet your left dangly they will have logistics in place to lay siege and they will have manpower standing by to ensure any Patriot response dies in the desert.

But these are "Ifs", based on nothing more than impossible attempts to know the mind of many people in FedGov who will have competing interests and recommendations.  We have no facts in evidence to support the notion that FedGov means to recover their dignity through the Bundy's.

Only time will tell.  "If" they do return to the ranch and set up shop, "if" you plan on returning to the desert, you'd better pack for combat.  They will not accept losing twice.  They may come in hours, or days, months, or never.  Anyone on the ground should keep an eye out for evidence of resources being put in place.

To you I would contend it is time to pivot.  Patriots can't remain in force at every conflict spot.  As it was clearly evident, we have little wind to stay in the game at one location very long, especially upon ground that is logistics-challenged.  We can't protect every Cliven Bundy indefinitely.  What we can do is avenge him if they come back and do him wrong.  You should probably get used to that paradigm.  Patriots will have much to avenge, and little ability to stop every wrong before it is committed. 



  1. If I were in charge of the Goon Squad, I would make sure my operations took place Monday to Thursday. Any extension into the weekend invites a response from Patriots with Boots on the Ground. (Hell, they are the only ones that work for a living, this 'ain't no OWS)

    This circles back to what Sam says above. We may end up avenging more than we protect.

  2. "They will not accept losing twice."

    Of all the "ifs," that's the most certain IMO, regardless of location(s). They won't willingly accept it, anyway. "You can bet your life on it. I'm willing to bet mine."

    And sorry, but I hope to be too busy living when the dust eventually settles, to worry about what happens to millions of assholes. I figure reality will do sufficient culling.

  3. For the Fence Sitting STATE pols, Sheriffs and National Guard Commanders----if you people don't start arming up local citizens/militias and saying FU@K the Feds!.....well you will all be the fed's bitches and might as well dissolve your state agencies and start wearing Zero brands on your foreheads and hands.

    "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian (translation---fed government chosen ones) national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded"...BObama 7/2/08

    Clive Bundy has lived and is living under the jackboot of the above statement....and Clive's demand that the County Sheriff "disarm the bureaucrats" is the correct and only answer.

  4. Ok chaps - have you identified fed agencies in your AO ? Location and numbers? Can you make their life uncomfortable? If they get in our loop and we are always reacting then we lose. Fight them where they ain't.....
    legally of course...with roses, rainbows and peaceful protests. I would never suggest any illegal activities...................


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