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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just a heads-up

As I am certain many of you are aware, in many Patriot households right now minds are whirling at mach speed, trying to solution challenges identified this weekend.  I can tell you in the Kerodin household there is a state of overwhelm.  There is much to do, little time and even fewer resources.

But that's never stopped us before.  ;)

Two quick points for those who are skilled in these topics:

Drones: Consider how we can deploy drones with the ability to get close to our targets and relay audio/video back to a more powerful transmitting station, or perhaps even upload real-time from the drone.  Second drone notion, and this comes from Kerodin: Think kamikaze.  Unless of course Kamikaze drones violate some silly Federal statute, in which case, I'm jus' funnin'.  ;)

Finances: Our weak spot is cashflow.  This has been the weak spot of every Liberty movement in all of history, so far as I know.  If any of you have professional experience in your corporate world in professional fundraising, please put some effort into divining a way we can raise money from as large a cross-section of the population as possible.  If it means the only way we can tap into the NRA Law & Order types is to raffle stuff, we'll work it out.  You professionals tell us how, tell us the obstacles, and we'll help you noodle a work-around.  Work-arounds are what we do goodly.  ;)  Many organizations finance their ops via crime - but that simply isn't us.

Finance Two: It has been mentioned recently that we need some sort of safe repository for our assets.  This is a topic several of us in the Citadel have considered. I can't say much in such an open venue, but I'll go as far as I can, and hopefully your gears will get turning.  Consider a very safe and defensible physical location - a place even Demons from Hell will fear to travel without US Marines providing cover.  The III has such places.  Now consider a series of vaults that would require heavy explosives to breach.  The III has the ability - and the plans - to construct such vaults in the near future, very quickly.

Now consider such vaults being made available to Patriots who want to keep certain caches away from their normal AOs, and the III/militia Teams who choose to keep their financial reserves protected in such vaults, all guarded by very serious men and women who will die protecting said vaults.

This can happen very quickly, with relatively little investment.  Individual vaults with dedicated biometric access can be had if you want your special cache private.  Communal vaults can be had for units or larger groups.  Seed vaults.  Ammo vaults.  Medical supplies.  Whatever - all off the line of attack, ready for that awful day.  Obviously this is not a solution to keep all eggs in one basket - it is merely a basket that is safer than most. 

If participating in such a vault system holds any appeal for you, write me: Kerodin@Kerodin.com.  Obviously - nothing illegal.

Back to money.  Folks, I do not know what to do about money.  I have run the 527 for years now.  The purpose has never been to turn a profit, but instead to have a few bucks from each sale left over that can be put to radio airtime, or helping a Patriot in sudden financial need, etc.  At this moment after all the transactions through the 527, there is under $1000 in the account.

We are now talking about funding fighting men and units.  We are talking about the need to cover a man's mortgage if he gets called to Bundy for 3 months.  We are talking about a logistics train.  These things require REAL money, and a steady supply of it.  Selling patches will never, ever satisfy that need.  You have trusted me in the past with money - enough to secure a beachhead for the Citadel and III Arms, to help Jim Miller to start III Arms (which, by the way, he has dumped a LOT of his own money into as well, and you've NEVER heard him complain, because that's not what real men do.)  Money for this venture should have oversight by multiple trustworthy Patriots.  I have some in mind, I have not yet asked them.  I will reach out when the time is right.

We III and Organized Militia and our allies are NOT 1% folks on the economic scale.  Most of us are no more than a few paychecks from missing a mortgage payment.  III Arms will, one day, be a source of revenue - but today it is not there yet.  Holly and I still cover the monthly note for the III land from our pockets until III Arms can take over.  But if we are to carry the weight of feeding, clothing and providing fighting essentials for our Patriots who run everything from Propaganda to Overwatch to Underground ops, we need real cashflow.  Back in the winter I called for "real" investments to use as fundraisers, and I had 2 Patriots who were in a position to do more than most.

Tell me how we can get a Beck, or the Kochs, or some other source of real and consistent money inbound to support the work we need to do.  Some of you in the business world have skills we can apply.  Please help us find an answer that is realistic.

More later.



  1. Well unless the KGC want to pony up some of their buried Jessie James gold we are going to have to do this the hard way. Micro funding sites like Kickstarter and such should be looked at. Patriots all over the place can send a few dollars to support these events.


  2. I know it needs to be bigger, but here is something small to start with. www.unseen.is offers an affiliate program. Dual benefit - patriots migrate to a secure, encrypted (4096 bit), Iceland-based communication service (chat, video, audio, email, vpn, conferences, groups) and it generates some micro-payments for you.

    FAQ/Security info here:

    Here is the affiliate info. Also, they are offering a lifetime special for $79 until it gets out of beta...not sure how much longer that will be in effect.

    It is cheaper than hushmail for a yearly subscription (20 vs 39), and all are 10% off if purchased from an affiliate including lifetime.


    Join our affiliate program and earn referral commissions:

    30% commission on 1-49 sales per month
    35% commission on 50-99 sales per month
    40% commission on 100+ sales per month

    Your buyers get a 10% discount when they buy with your affiliate URL.



  3. I was chatting w/ I-Beam and he brought up a good point. If you do something like affiliation sales within this community, you begin to tie people together even more than they are...might not be wise. I guess the counterpoint is that there have been many other inter-purchases already. Perhaps the answer is to market this elsewhere, like general gun blogs and FB pages.

  4. "affiliation sales"

    Yep. Most investors want to take a bunch of money and use it to return value, whatever those values might be. Most businesspeeps want to take the resources at hand and create value with those. "It's easy to make a million bucks...just buy a million of something for a dollar, and sell 'em for two." But that takes discerning the values of others, since nobody can run a business without a customer.

    Perhaps sadly, there's a much larger philosophical issue here. If we take Business as the voluntary interaction of free-willed individuals and groups at liberty--which it is--then the function of any rational War would be to engender Business, rather than have the function of Business to engender War. There are few errors greater than switching means for ends.


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