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Monday, June 16, 2014

A diseased and rotting People

Consider: A nation that has cheered or not cared that men and women have spent decades of their lives in our prisons for acts that are today legal.  I'm talking about pot, of course.

Consider: A nation that sends it sons and daughters to fight, kill, murder, be maimed and killed by the thousands, then one day changes it's mind about the importance of that work and leaves the field, with little more than a FU from current political leaders and citizenry.  Of course I am referring to Iraq as it implodes today after we've had nearly five thousand Americans die there.

People who behave this way, and people who tolerate such behavior, are diseased Souls.  You can never make whole the man who spent decades in prison for pot, which he can buy over-the-counter now in Colorado.  You can never bring back those who have died because of your commands, or make whole the men and women who have had parts of their bodies ripped from them for a "...matter of national security..." that soon becomes insignificant to a set of politicians.

The answer is simple, yet not easy.  We either extirpate the diseased among us, or we live our entire lives, and then die, in shame.  This is not how a moral people worthy of Liberty behave.

If we, as a People, observed Rightful Liberty, which is essentially "You leave me alone and I'll return the favor", we would not now carry such shame.



  1. Amen K!
    I thank God that you see clearly the need for moral foundations in our lives, our schools, or government and our Republic as a whole. Thus we together (along with PP and input from diverse others) have created the III Chaplain Corps as a part of the III Percent Society. guided and under the direction of the soon to be elected Board of Directors and the executive leadership. Bothh PP and I take very seriously the directive to create the Corps and the assignment to both share the responsibility of being co-Head Chaplains for this important period of formation. May God guide us rightly in our quest to be his servants and to serve the greater III community of Patriots as well as the militia (both organized and unorganized) as moral and spiritual servants.

    Paul L.
    III Chaplain Corps
    We Are III

  2. "If we, as a People, observed Rightful Liberty, which is essentially 'You leave me alone and I'll return the favor', we would not now carry such shame."

    Very, very well said IMO. And nobody can change the past; we've only got now and forward. The thing is, notice that it doesn't rest on anyone else. I mean, the choice to do precisely that--observe Rightful Liberty and thus carry no shame--is each person's alone. If a lot of people make that choice, then it happens...as long as they're willing to defend it along with others who made the same choice.

    1. That's exactly right of course. Nations and Churches are created along the same lines. Like-minded people who band together in a shared belief system.

      Paul L.
      III Chaplain Corps
      We Are III


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