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Friday, June 13, 2014

Baghdad Falling: I don't care, but this snippet matters...

Picture of Islamist convoy headed to Baghdad.
The above picture is from Drudge, I tried to find a better copy for more detail, but this one does the job.  It has nothing to do with that stinking piece of desert or the people who live there - I don't care.

Here's what I care about: You and I are Americans.  We live in the richest nation (by many yardsticks) on Earth, and Liberty is about to be murdered.  Now look at that convoy picture one more time.  Many of those trucks are pretty new, matching model years, matching paint schemes including identification the way service vehicles here mark their vehicles.

You and I are trying to re-purpose a used school bus to defend Liberty.  I had to beg online to get about 50 Patriots who stepped up and threw some bucks into the hat so we could get started.  Others have donated gear and expertise and moral support.  We raised about 1/10 the money that will be needed to get our T.O.C. ready for the first deployment.  That doesn't count fuel.  I am NOT bitching about all of you who support the project.  Far from it.

What I am bitching about is that a bunch of murderous fucks in a barren and scrubby piece of Earth have financial and logistical support that our Militiamen and our III Patriots can't get in a country filled with men like the Kochs.

Now you know why some of us have decided to try and organize the III into a national organization.  Do you have any idea what we could do with the annual budget of Oathkeepers or NRA, or even the Bee Gee's fan club?!  Holy flippin' Commies, Batman!

Next Thursday when we begin accepting members for the new organization, remember the picture above.  You and I will not be facing pig-ignorant stooges in Baghdad or Hyundai pick-up trucks filled with AK carrying baby-rapists.

We can be every-man-for-himself if that's how everyone wants to play it.  That's essentially where we are now, except for tiny little bands here and there.

But I really hope about a thousand of you look at defending Liberty as a team sport next Thursday.

Why do we want a T.O.C. and a revenue stream sufficient to deploy when needed?  Bundy.  The Habersham baby.  And here's a fresh one - a mother of seven children was put in prison and died - because the local school was fining her for several truancy cases open against her kids.  Her kids didn't go to class.  She's dead.  In prison.  F.U.C.K. That.  You know we have serious work to be done.

Stay safe.



  1. When you have a permanent snail mail address in Idaho, I'll use that as I will not support Paypal in anyway shape or form. There are other avenues that are more friendly to our side of life.
    Thanks for all you do

  2. Thanks Lynn. The permanent snail mail in Idaho is still the box 195 from last year. We'll keep it forever - or until the post office decides to climb the mountain every day with our mail. (Ain't gonna happen ;)

    Kerodin (or III Percent, either works)
    P.O. Box 195
    St. Maries, ID 83861

    No rush, we get the mail routed to us. But if you are sending gear either use the PO Box listed at the T.O.C. site or wait until we physically land back at the studio.

    Stay safe.


  3. I posted the link about the mother on BattlefieldUSA, and then noticed he had already mentioned the crime. oops. :/ That'll teach me to be more observant.

  4. Several slogans I remember for Toyota.
    Sadly, one fits that photo perfectly:
    "You asked for it! You got it!"


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