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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fighting Blades

I'm a knife snob.  Knives are tools for specific tasks, nothing more.

When your life depends on the task, however, you'd better have a damned good and reliable tool.  I've trained with many, many knives over the years.

Here's a new blog.



  1. Had to post here because the knife blog would not take anon.
    Well if I had to choose a knife from Randall for a fighting knife. I would choose the Model 24-Gaurdian. I like the gimping on it. I probably would do something to the handle to make it less slick to....skateboard tape:)...Looks like a good knife to control with. I think if it had a guard on it it would dig into your own wrist while earth gripping...Just my thoughts

    1. Sorry BR - just fixed the posting setting at the knife section.


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