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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Monthly Donations - Update

Many of you have been supporting the work we've been doing by donating $10 or $12 per month.

While the National Organization is not yet ready to begin accepting members, I would ask everyone who is on an automated donation schedule to go to PayPal and cancel it.  When membership opens it will be under a new account/company name, and many of the services you've been paying for will likely be rolled into the new perks of membership.

The only monthly donation I am not 100% sure about yet is the $8/mo for CQB videos.  I "think" we are going to roll that into membership perks, but I do not know 100% just yet.

Thank you all for helping as you have been - many of you for quite a while.  But the new membership program is going to consolidate much of the III revenue stream and make life easier for everyone - so go to PayPal and shut down those auto-payments.



  1. Just heard a report about a shooting at an Atlanta courthouse, at 10:56 am, est.
    More to follow.

  2. Correction: Courthouse is in Cummings, GA.
    A suburb of Atlanta.

  3. Just heard a report (11:18 est) that Portsmouth, VA, Naval Station on lockdown.


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