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Friday, June 27, 2014

Status Request: Habersham Baby

Does anyone have a handle on the status in Habersham County?

Any internal reprimands, investigations, DoJ inquiries, etc?  Has it essentially been dropped by all authorities, and has local public energy waned?




  1. Chief of Police and Team leader resigned ( likely with full severence pensions right?).
    Governor ordered GBI to investigate.
    family suing.
    little boy out of induced coma and responsive.

    1. This is Not Accurate. I live in Habersham. The Sheriff has not resigned, I know him. The team leader received counseling and is still a member of the SRT, I know him also. There has not been any Police Chief resignations due to this incident. Also, it was the County Sheriffs Dept not local, city Police Depts. GBI did investigate and were cleared. The baby is doing fine however, recovering thank God and you can bet there will be a law suit against the Habersham County Sheriffs Dept. Not sure where you got this info, it is very inaccurate. Please Research before posting.

  2. also, its still in the local news fairly regularly...
    btw, i COULD still be a robot even though i typed the text to prove i am not a robot.

  3. Awesome, thank you for the update!

    To your knowledge, were there any III Patriots in the mix?


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