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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Arizona Solution

I wrote this on 20 May 2010 - my first column at Kerodin.com.

Arizona was in the midst of their problem with FedGov regarding the "legality" of getting rid of illegals.

Here's my column, and I'm going to send a copy - again - to Governor Brewer:

A Solution for Arizona
by Kerodin

May 20, 2010

As many of you know, we were in Arizona in late March with the Tea Party Express.  We met many fine Patriots in both Flagstaff and Phoenix.  Flagstaff is beautiful, by the way!

We applaud you for taking a stand and enduring the wrath of Liberals as you seek a solution to the problems brought to your state by illegal immigration.  You have our support from across America.

The Federal Government has abjectly failed in its duty to secure our borders.  Today the Feds announced that they are "...under no obligation..." to accept illegals from Arizona Law Enforcement.  The Left continues to attempt to thwart your efforts to secure the citizens of Arizona for political reasons.

This stand-off leaves Arizona with few options, and they are all expensive.  Most are untenable, given the sheer number of illegals in the state.  Your prisons and jails would fill in a week if the Feds refuse to take those you arrest.  Your budgets will bust as you try to feed and clothe them.

Solution:  Encourage your government to purchase a small ranch on your southern border with Mexico, in a remote piece of desert.

Build a three-sided fence. 

Put a fence on the Northern, Eastern and Western perimeters of the property.  Leave the Southern perimeter open to the border with Mexico.

Pitch a few tents.  Roll in a few porta-johns.  Put in a single water fountain.  OK - install a wheelchair ramp to satisfy ADA requirements.  
Build a comfortable Administration building and a few towers at strategic points.  Assign a suitable staff of Law Enforcement Officers to keep order and patrol east and west of the fences.

Now - every illegal immigrant found in your state may be bussed to the new facility and released into the compound, after you get their name, fingerprints and other particulars. 

They are not prisoners - they are free to leave any time they wish: just walk South!

They will leave.  No expensive prisons to build or maintain.  No overtime for guards.  No outraged liberals screaming that you have incarcerated people unjustly.  No major paperwork.

Call it a Tag & Release program. If they come back into Arizona, make it a Felony and put them away.
Accept illegals from other states for a small fee to earn a few bucks.  Some states will condemn you - but you already face that problem.  Other states will pay a small fee to ship their illegals to you, rather than deal with the Feds, it will be cheaper.

Problem solved. 

Good luck, Arizona.



  1. I think a great idea would be for the States to round up as many illegals as they can and bus them to D.C, non-stop until the border is secured. I wonder how long it would take to clog D.C. up?

  2. I have said this before and I will continue to say it. Put our returning troops on the boarder of both Mexico and Canada with shoot to kill orders. If any one says its a human rights issue put them on the border and make them clean up after these pigs. This issue with all the children coming up. send them back too.

  3. I could solve the border problem and have enough money in a couple years to pay off the national debt:)


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