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Thursday, June 5, 2014

You and I are III

I am inviting conversation and input on this thread from any/every III Patriot who chooses to weigh-in.  As I mentioned the other evening, a formal III Organization with tax-exempt status has been formed.  I have several meetings with an attorney regarding bylaws in my near future, then you and I will have many conversations about how we want to structure our III org.

One of the first topics we need to tackle is the scope of what we intend to do.  I'll start with a list just off the top of my head; some of it evolved from conversation with others.  This list is far from complete, and far from written in stone -- I'm spitballin' so someone may talk me into, or out of a position, or indicate that something I suggest isn't proper. 

What we decide as "the scope" of the organization will impact not only bylaws but also the Board of Directors.  When it is time for a Board of Directors, I hope many of you will jump in and help pilot this battleship.

Please weigh in, but I think the organization should include in its work, the goals to help:
  • bring us together
  • keep working to improve morale and cohesion
  • prepare our fellow III Patriots for what is coming
  • consider some sort of legal fund to protect our own if needed 
  • put together a team of lawyers to hold rogue LEO & politicians legally accountable for actions such as the flash-bang incident against a toddler
Using Habersham as an example: I think III Patriots should have put some boots on the ground to help ensure that those responsible for that atrocity be held accountable for their actions, and that the toddler and family receive justice.  Additionally we should make sure the WHOLE truth gets out to the public. 

Using Bundy as an example: I think we should have deployed the T.O.C. (had it been ready, of course) in the early part of that conflict to get the truth out to the public, expose the behaviors of the .Gov players, provide support to other Patriots on the ground, and help protect the Bundy's, etc.

As an organization, we must roll up our sleeves and get involved when SWAT murders a family at the wrong address.  As an organization, I think we need to raise our voices and say "No!" when and where it needs to be said.

Obviously, we can't go everywhere and champion every cause.  But we can do more.  We will need III Patriots all over the country who are willing to pull a shift on the T.O.C. if it gets deployed near/in your AO.  We'll need III Patriots willing to show up and back us up when we engage in conversation with a Sheriff's Dept. about his SWAT Team going rogue.

Those are just some of my thoughts.  Feel free to agree, disagree, add your own.  This is YOUR organization.



  1. Formalize a III to III process, a fund and oversight committee of the Board. Possibly grant actual operation of III to III to the Chaplain Corps for providing the needed assistance including financial (the checks or wire transfer/pay pal payments done by the treasurer upon recommendation of Chaplain Corps). I've sent a host of other ideas so I'll not belabor them here.
    BTW, thank for taking PP and my efforts to heart.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the principle of being a presence. Also with the idea of "being there" for another Patriot. The TOC is a great way to be seen and a logistics tool. Depending on the event and AO, it may not be able to take a prominent physical position but can and should play a substantial role. The toughest job in this whole issue will be deciding which event to make a stand. Who gets the support of the LST. As III grows, so too will those who will be sympathetic who hopefully will provide us with fast, truthful info. Those who will be antagonistic will bristle at our showing. Too bad for them - they just need to walk a cautious and wide berth.

    As for the organizing the organization, criteria for deployment of the LST/TOC should be determined as well as who gives the nod when such is needed. In my view, every III needs to be watching each his own AO for assaults against what liberties we have left. Perhaps a central clearing house for info is required for screening possible events for action. Timeliness being a major factor from breaking of the event to decision to go.

    Who then goes and how. The "who" would necessarily be locals to the AO event. "How" would be by whatever means to muster with/at the TOC. Is it out of the realm of plausible that there be more than 1 TOC for deployment? This is a fairly large nation with many square miles. From my geographical position, it could be days before it could reach my area. I'm not wanting - just bringing the issue to light. Maybe this is a task better left to the III of any particular AO. Maybe I'm getting a bit off topic here but could you imagine the psych value of 2, 3 or even 4 III LST/TOC's rallying in support and defense of a wronged American? All with: the ability to turn info around quicker than the LSM, several III assigned to handle the various tasks required to be a viable presence, those who can be armed as at the Bundy Ranch Event.

    I'll quit for now.


    1. PP: Re multiple T.O.C. vehicles - yes. HK brought up this very notion at Brock's, so you are on the same page. Hopefully other Patriots and/or Tribes in various AOs will duplicate our efforts - that would certainly send a message to the Regime.

  3. I think this is a necessary step. It needs to raise funds and that can include and be integrated with raising awareness of the organization. We have to show the value of the III to the average person.

    Look, I'm not a big fan of appealing to the sheep, but the III could develop somewhat into a political organization to register outrage at least. At least, that.

    Anyway, this is a lot longer conversation than a comment section, but I'm for it.

  4. John Jay at
    is a retired attorney, if I remember correctly, he might agree to be on call for legal issues.

    One of the biggest hurdles that I'm sure has already been discussed, is how to get various groups/individuals to agree their interest will better be accomplished by checking their ego at the door and working toward the goal of correcting the problem, whatever it may be, instead of trying to advance the interests of the group/individual, during the incident. The Bundy ranch is a prime example, as Sam has detailed more than once. The Oathkeepers? Blech, they haven't stood up for the baby, why would they stand up for anything else? rhetorical question.

    If the incident is within the AO of any of the groups listed on the right, support will be easier than traveling to an area where the locals are unknown, but that can be dealt with on a case by case basis. A related point is that if groups in different areas agreed to work within the framework that K is outlining, that would reduce the logistics needed to respond to an event. I understand that's a large if.

    I'm in.

  5. No major disagreements with previous comments.
    Also, I agree that we cannot be everywhere and
    respond to everything.
    However, I believe that a core ofsincere and committed Patriots
    should have been on the ground in Cornelia, GA., with the possibility
    of developing it into another tactical victory yielding concrete results.
    Also, I believe the continued dumping of illegal immigrants at Greyhound stations in Arizonaa, and dispersed to cities nationwide, is another front that could also be developed into concrete results for our cause.
    As always, I stand ready with my aid bag and continue to study,
    train and prepare to provide for emergency trauma.

    1. cavmedic68w, could/would you give a crash course on Emergency first aid to include battlefield triage? or know of someone III-minded to do so..?

      PP III to III

  6. Directors at large for various sections of the country and states that could/would be a channel for localized events or occurrences. That info could the be passed to the BoD for action or inaction. I just recently purchased a 23' front loading toy hauler for my wife's junkin' business and the front garage could be set up as a.......use your imagination there. You'll see it in Idaho for the IDPATCON

  7. T.O.C. - good
    additional TOC's - better

    However, any vehicle is limited in what/who it can carry, so how about prepositioned supplies in various places? Ammo, batteries, water, food, webbing and other gear, you know, that sort of stuff.

    If you're using Idaho as the general start point, the caches should be placed along the nearest edges of whatever AOs you will set out (for the Mid-Atlantic states (f'rinstance) a supply dump in WV).

    Should you be fortunate enough to develop a cache site that is manned, a field hospital or an E&E rally point can be laid out.


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