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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

.22lr in stock

.22lr 500 rds $85 at Ammo.net

Get some.



  1. longnightrider says, pure solid gold.

  2. Sorry, that just makes me bitter. Before all this BS started I was paying $16.99 for a 500 rnd brick of .22lr.
    Miss Violet

  3. My thoughts exactly Miss V! (Hind sight is 20/20... but I should have purchased more than I did at those "cheap" prices).

    1. I know, I have a few thousand rnds, but I hate to use it because it will cost a fortune to replace it. I swear I have to get me a bow. See ya at the PatCon. ;-)
      Miss V

  4. At jgsales.com they have Seller & Belloit 500rd. boxes for $50. They are located in AZ and have them in stock.

  5. I can get it cheaper if anyone wants any...

  6. Also if anyone is going to be at the PatCom I will bring some to sell if you want any...Its Federal 36grain...

  7. funny thing when two sorta local walmart stores get them in stock (about every 2 weeks) they sell them at $24.95 for the 555 round bulk box of winchester hollow points
    at $85 per 500 rounds thats just flat out robbery
    coming soon to your area
    “There has been too much violence. Too much pain. But I have an honorable
    compromise. Just walk away. Give me your pump, the oil, the gasoline,
    and the whole compound, and I’ll spare your lives. Just walk away and
    we’ll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and
    there will be an end to the horror”

  8. Local WalMart had 2 pallets of Winchester in 333 bulk boxes, limit 3 boxes. Came to $53.56 with IL taxes. Put out 1 pallet Thursday morning, and 1 Saturday morning. Lasted about 24 Hours each. You have to go by the ammo counter every chance you get to score some.


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