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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And add 1 heaping tablespoon of stoopid...




  1. Not very intelligent. Clustered in a group, full of false bravado. One 40mm and I'll be sprinkling Holy Water on their coffins. If this is what we are up against from south of the border, I feel pity for their future widows and orphans.

  2. So check out this exchange from Limbaugh


    This is a problem on so many levels.
    I am a very cynical guy so call me crazy but reading this exchange I am not alarmed by the idea of the Catholic Church being asked to house the illegals, what bothers me is the call for FEMA to house them by these callers. This sounds very much like a planted call that has been put into motion so that the Right demands that FEMA camps be activated for these illegals. Once they are up and running........

    I am not even a big believer in the FEMA camp "conspiracy" nonsense but I do know that the capacity exists for FEMA to set up "fugie" camps. it just strikes me as a signal that creating this crisis gets the factions out demanding solutions that end up costing us our liberty.
    We are truely and I mean three-hole bone-a-thon fucked.


    1. In addition to being wrong on so many levels, being required (even if 'asked' by the government, we all know it is a command) to provide housing and sustinence for whom the government chooses is blatantly unconstitutional.
      The actions of the Catholic Church in this matter are highly suspect. These illegals are not refugees fleeing a conflict, they are a horde of human locusts, set to devour our treasure. The Catholic Church should do the proper thing: send these children back home via the network of Catholic Charities, not harbor these law breakers, set to be the anchors for their parents illegal immigration here after an Executive Order from Obama to keep them. De Facto amnesty if not De Jure.

  3. Even better---if Catholic Church/Charities are proven to be enticing and transporting these aliens...all their local churches/bank accounts and properties should be seized and distributed to the citizens of the area. Freedom of religion and speech are not a suicide pack for treason against a nations people.


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