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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Condor Order Arrived

Condor shipment arrived today - you'll remember I placed the order last Sunday night (I think).  That's good customer service.

Chuck, your hydration pack is here, we'll get it out for you ASAP.

Tanto gifted to me by "The Trainer" at DTG

At right I used Chuck's new hydration pack as a backdrop for a sweet tanto "The Trainer" of DTG gave me while at Brock's PatCon.  It is an exact replica of a Cold Steel Master Tanto, and Tom put his own edge on it for me.

The man knows how to sharpen a blade!

Thanks, Tom.  A man can never have too many blades.  ;)


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  1. Glad you like it. Hope it provides you many years of good service.


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