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Monday, July 21, 2014

Just a pleasant reminder...

This is a post my attorney would never approve, so let's just leave her out of it until some future date when I have to pay her because of it.

In the last month I have had several stupid people make runs at me in one way or another, from several different parts of this country.  Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows I usually ignore The Stupid until...

...then I offer to meet them anyplace they wish.  Never once has anyone had the balls to meet.  When they try to hide behind screen names and such, I (with a little help from my friends) find them and we escalate until The Stupid slinks away and decides to hide like a bitch.  I fear my kinder, gentler self has been too much on display recently, and some people may have unrealistic expectations regarding my kindly disposition and willingness to tolerate The Stupid.

So, if this is not a post directed at you, your gut is telling you so right now.  If it is not directed at you, I have a little Molly Hatchet at the top of the post so you can relax and enjoy a bit of the 70's.

No harm, no bad intentions, no worries.

If this post is for you - and you know in your heart if it is - (or you just like cool music) there is a little Disturbed at the bottom of the page.

If you are a Fed or other LEO and want to talk, it's clearly listed at the top of the page: Knock on my front door and I'll invite you into my place, or call me and I'll walk into your place.  There is no need for drama or games.

For you Fucktards who have been swimming in my waters with mal-intent, go the fuck away, now.

You do not have to go home, but staying here will get you hurt.  And, no, the coroner will NOT rule it a drowning.  I promise, I will have 6 alibis from seven allies in 9 different states.

If you come at me, or come at me again, or you continue to circle, or you come at someone I know, trust or respect, using me, my name, or my work, or any of the projects with which I am involved, from my promotion of III Arms to the Citadel to the TOC or others, there will be a problem you can't handle in your future.  Do not fuck with me.  Do not fuck with the III.  Do not fuck with my allies.  Do not fuck with the work we are doing.

That is your final warning.  Oh - and don't even bother writing me and asking "Is this post about me????

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming.


  1. Fuckin' excellent!
    We were all just running our dogs on the beach in Morro Bay, 3 Great Danes and a couple of Akias (sp) when that fucktard fell down the stairs in front of the cement truck. Really, I swear it's true!

    1. Your Honor, I was fishing 60 miles off the coast of San Diego...

  2. Replies
    1. Nah, that twatwaffle doesn't dare write me anymore - not since he fucked up and gave me enough info to triangulate - where he travels, who he fucks, et cetera. He's certainly welcome to come to the mountain or studio whenever he wishes...

  3. Well having evil as your enemy let's you know your walking a righteous path...Walking the path of freedom and liberty will always bring about the haters of everything good and just...I think if you need an alibi the rest of us here will probably need one too;)

  4. Alan in Biloxi - not posting the comment - not to be an ass but because there are several on the endangered species list.


  5. Hey Kerodin,


    Give 'em hell Kerodin!

    I grew up with Molly Hatchet, old Coors Banquet beer in the yellow can and muscle cars with V-8's. A friend of mine in high school had "Policemans Nightmare" written in decal stickers on the top of the windshield on his primer grey 72' Nova, and he got pulled over every day.


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