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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kitanica Gear

Among the countless other things I am trying to get accomplished these days is to realign IIIGear to ensure we can get you good, solid gear for RevWarIII.  Some of it will be for blending into the populace, some will be unmistakable that you are a participant.

Has anyone out there had first-hand experience with Kitanica gear?  It is expensive.  It is some of the most expensive tactical clothing I've seen.  But if it is worth it, then it is a line I'll consider adding to IIIGear.  The profit margin is thin (as it is with almost everything these days, one of the ways manufacturers are coping with the economy.)  Translation: I will be able to offer at less than retail, but not by much.

Anyway, the above is their Mark IV cold weather jacket, and it looks well-designed.  It retails for $600 - yeah, I know.  Here is a pair of their tactical pants.  The design is smart, you'll notice many of the pockets down the legs are positioned to the rear.  You can still reach what you need, yet going prone is far more realistic.  Retail: $200.

First, I'd like to know if any of you have experience with the gear.  Second, is it worth the prices?  $200 for a pair of pants is steep - but if they serve as tactical wear, last more than a year of serious use, and allow you to blend with the populace more than BDUs - you see where I am going.

Here's their website.  Check it out, and give me some feedback.

**Here is a line of similar high-end clothing offered by Lineman, please check it out, offer feedback, especially if you have owned any of it.

My goal upon reaching Idaho for good is to put together a shop that has access to quality gear needed by the Minuteman.  There are 10,000 or more military surplus stores across the country.  There are very few places you can get serious, hardcore gear.  K


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  1. Here is another company K..http://leaf.arcteryx.com/?EN


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