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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

uckFay eMay

This is badness.  And if you don't think it affects you and me, I can't help you.

Here's the link.



  1. Very very very disturbing...The fallout is even worse than the headline. Remember the time where we were behind our Israeli allies to no end? I do. Most dont.

    Frightening. But sleep well knowing that Israel can and will defend itself at all cost. By any means necessary. Much like we used to.


  2. hamas and the rest of the philistine terror groups will be handed their arses on a platter if Israel properly goes off... much like when the plo leader thought he was hiding in that apartment building some years ago... they surrounded it, pounded it relentlessly then decided to allow him to exit... it's the reaction of the rest of the world - including our little piece of it - that concerns me... the kenyan has no interest in Israel at all...

  3. There are also several reports of ISIS movements in the Gaza Strip, even using tunnels from there to Egypt. Of course, Hamas isn't thrilled about it. If ISIS gains support among the Pali's, then the threat to Israel would ramp up even more, as would Israeli military responses.




  4. Ya, the closer we get to unwind the heavier the need for distractions around the globe. We are drifting to W3 and C3 as you have posited here before. I said in '08 that the only way out of this mess was a big war. They will make it happen.

    1. they want war - but on their terms, in their time... a lonely rancher in southern Nevada wasn't the time... likely, illegal immigrants in southern kali isn't either... BUT - they KNOW what they're doing to the American people in terms of stirring us up

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