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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Who is the III Percent Society for America?

There are many valid questions out there, and for legal and practical reasons, please bear with us as we answer what we can, when we can.

First, you know it was sparked at Brock's NC PatCon, just one more important piece of work to flow from those face-to-face meetings he hosts twice each year.

The bylaws have been written, though not yet adopted.  They have to pass full muster at an Idaho Corporate Attorney's office before we formally adopt them.  I'll make sure they get posted in the next few days so you can see how we have decided to initially set up the organization. 

The legal paperwork is all complete and on record in Idaho.  There is more to do, of course, but we are all legal.  We are in the process of filing the proper IRS forms for 501(c)(4) status, which will give us two primary advantages: First, most income (like donations) is tax-free.  Second, we do NOT have to disclose names of donors.  These are big deals.

Who is involved at this point?

Many of you.  Thank you all who have signed up.  At this moment every dime collected remains in the deposit account.  But we need more of you to join.  We understand asking you to join is immediately answered by "Why?  Who's in the mix?"  That is a fair question, one we are ready to expand.  You already know what we intend to do, and how we intend to do it.  You already know hundreds of III Patriots have chimed in and offered to be at our shoulders when we decide to deploy the TOC or take some other action.

So, who's going to play what positions?


Board of Directors:

Tom Randall (The Trainer at Defensive Training Group)
J.C. Dodge (Mason-Dixon Tactical)
Quietman (Don't ask, just say 'Yes, sir.')
Miss Violet (Blogger, Citadel Steering Committee, hardcore III Patriot)
Holly K. - Director & Interim Secretary
Whitney P. - Director & Treasurer
Kerodin - Director & President

Ken L. (Wirecutter) Senior Policy Advisor
Concerned America (WRSA) Senior Policy Advisor


As you can see, serious III Patriots have stepped-up.  Those of you who have already joined, you know you are standing with sensible, hardcore Patriots.  Those of you who have been waiting for more insight - now you know.

Once the bylaws have satisfied the attorney, the Idaho Statutes dictate the process, it'll all take 80-90 days.  But we are starting now.

In one year there will be eight (8) Public Directors added to the Board of Directors, voted in place by the Members of the Society.

We have promised time and again the III Percent Society will not let Members down as have organizations in the past.  Members will help determine what and where and how the III Society engages the Evil consuming our nation.  You will get to see who stands up and does the work.  You will get to vote for that person for positions on the Board - you may run for a seat yourself.

The III Percent Society for America is YOUR organization.

Our Mission Statement is simple: The restoration of Rightful Liberty in America.

You can help.  Join us with the buttons on the sidebar.  Tell your friends to spread us through social media.  Support our efforts with the TOC.

We are the III.  Liberty in America is our responsibility.

Join us now, Patriots.  The buttons are right there ---->


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  1. Given the recent and on-going news regarding 501's, would be curious if the IRS gives you (and your organization) a hard time. Keep us informed.


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