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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Combat Vets: No matter where/when you served

I have a request of my Combat Veteran readers.  I know that bringing up such topics may be emotionally hard for some, l so just don't go there if it causes you any discomfort.

My question:  While you were in Combat did you ever have to go hand-to-hand with an enemy?

Maybe he caught you by surprise, or your position was overrun, our you ran dry on ammo and couldn't get loaded fast enough - whatever the case.  I'm going to include CQB in here - did you have to suddenly - to save your life at buckle-to-buckle range, have to transition from rifle to pistol or blade, or bare hands to stay alive?

If yes, please tell me about it.  I am also talking to my .intel readers.  Given your operating parameters you were probably without a rifle anyway, and were required to clear leather with pistol or blade, or just throat-punch some Commie fucker.

I'd truly like to get a grasp of how many combat vets have to go to hands at some point.

Building sweeps in Iraq and Afghanistan seem likely place for H2H.

One of the reasons I ask is because the current USMC Combatives course will award the Marine Black Belt at 150 hours of training,  That's basically 2.5 hours each week for a year.

I've seen the combatives program the Marines use - and 150 hours of that program should earn you a gray (using the USMC belt-ranking scheme) or green at best.  Marines - please don't get into your feelings on this - I am using a different measuring stick when I make that claim.

Here's the reasoning I think the Marines, and all services for that matter, muster soldiers through the Combatives with so little time devoted: They figure the likelihood of going to buckle-to-buckle in today's (often) mounted service, the odds are sufficiently low that a cursory combatives course is sufficient.  But I am guessing at that point.

Stand-off is the prudent fight today.  A pistol is used to fight to your rifle.  A knife is used to fight to your pistol.  H2H is an "Oh SHIT!" moment.

Obviously many SOF get more time for Combatives, given that they are so often required to get closer to targets.

But - if you are a combat vet, have you every had to get ugly hand-to-hand, or with your knife/pistol?  I would truly appreciate the story.  You cloak & dagger guys (real ones) have input as well.

If you ever have needed the Combatives you learned in the service, or at the Farm, do you think it was adequate?

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  1. As an 11B with one tour in Iraq during the "surge", I simply never let any one that came at my squad or me with hostile intent get with in arms reach of my M4.

    1. Did you or any of your allies ever come close to being captured? Every now and again the Israeli's lose one.

    2. Actually, the threat of being captured never came close due to the fact that we simply were never faced with a force even a quarter of our size when we were outside the wire. We were fighting in an urban setting going from house to house searching for known Al Qaeda operatives. All villages we searched were Sunni based and surrounded the outskirts of Baquba and Balad Air Base.

      I will now go to your latest post to answer the question of why so few American service members were captured.

  2. The Special Operations Combatives Program is the gold standard. Fast, hard, and lethal.


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