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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Operational training for the [commandos] began there in February 1944, emphasizing guerrilla warfare tactics and skills: demolitions, use of enemy weapons, map reading, night navigation, agent circuit operations, intelligence, sabotage, escape and evasion, counterespionage, ambushes, security, the use of couriers, and hand-to-hand combat.
Almost all [commandos] practiced French, Morse code, medical aid, and long marches.
If we put together a team of instructors with mastery of the skills above, would such a course be something of interest to you?  You would need to commit to 10-14 days of training, travel to the training facility in the Rockies, and be mentally prepared to immerse yourself in the course.  I have no real idea what it would cost, as it would require several highly-trained and experienced veterans, but money isn't the issue.  These are the skills of life and death in our future.
Obviously learning French would be off the table, but CW (Morse Code) would be required, among other secret squirrel bits of tradecraft.  The goal would be to train you up as part Commando and part Spy, ready to go home and begin leading your men.
The original men chosen for this program during WWII were proven combat Officers who already had fighting under their belts.  If I put together a team of Trainers, you would be expected to show up with a grasp of the basics.  This is advanced study.  It is not leading men into battle on a battlefield - it is leading men on missions to fuck the enemy by hitting his Comms, his supply lines, his power stations, his water, taking out his Officers, et cetera.
If I can make such an opportunity happen, would you find a way to attend?
Room, board and meals are covered - from cabins to sleeping out in the snow and rain and mud.  You'd have to cover tuition, travel, and find a way to make the time available.
Yes or no?  If yes, what would you think a fair price would be for 10-14 days of such training by experienced professionals?
The time for theory and philosophical debates is over.
It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.



  1. I would be interested if i could swing it.


  2. i'm totally behind the idea... how about the possibility of that training being done in/close to an individual's/group's AO..? i.e., my expectation of utilizing Rocky Mountain type terrain skills is near nil... a more defined "bang for the buck"...? just tossing it out there...

    1. I was looking at costs. There are East Coast training sites available as well. My biggest concern is how much the course would have to cost to cover instructor fees, and how many Patriots would be able to pay and get away from home for 10-14 days. It's probably an unworkable idea.

  3. You would probably have to break it up into 3 or 4 long weekends and have different courses each time...


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