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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson: Analysis

As discussed yesterday, Ferguson is a neighborhood inside the St. Louis highway loop.

21,000 residents (2010 number) and about 9,000 households.

The actual number of people going out at night and raising a ruckus is but a small fraction of the residents.  Yet Ferguson PD could not handle it.  St. Louis County could not stop it,  Teams of State Troopers had no effect.  And now the Missouri Guard is on the scene.

And the protestors/looters are not even seriously using 2A yet.  Note in the CNN piece linked below the use of the word "projectiles".  The report is obviously talking about stuff being thrown, and spinning it to sound like bullets.  Yes, shots were fired - but the CNN piece is deliberately misleading.

The lesson is simple and on full display: .Gov hasn't the manpower to handle a real fight.  You can safely extrapolate Ferguson to the other major and modest metro areas across CONUS.  Sure, .Gov could put a temporary end to the Ferguson scrum with just a few well-placed rounds.  But we all know that is a bad PR move and will only increase sympathy for Ferguson residents and angst toward .Gov.

Heck, the Militia units in Missouri might even begin to show up to protect the citizens.

Eliminate blame and simply apply cold analysis to the action/reaction cycles.

.Gov is losing on many levels in Ferguson.

CNN piece, here.

III Percent Society, here.


  1. I'm old enough to have watched the same thing happen in the 60's . This will end when the news media gets board and leaves or the NG lines up and mows down the front rank of the next "line up and loot" party. Then they will all "march on DC" to bitch about "DA WHITE MAN DONE IT". And the AA money will flow like water from DC--until the next round of self murder and mass theft .

  2. What happens if the looters don't back down with the NG on the scene, yet refrain from 2A? What is the next escalation level .gov has at hand?

    What happens if the looters go all Domestic Terrorist on the NG? Black Hawk Down: Ferguson?

    Maybe they will just pack up and go home as they did at Bundy... officer safety right trumps all right?

    Or maybe they'll just cordon off the whole district and let the locals sort it out amongst themselves.

  3. There is serious potential for this to spin out of control. I think the fedgov is attempting to demonstrate for the sheeple (those who are still watching and remotely give a crap) that they will "take action" to "put down" #violentprotestors
    under any circumstances.

    I again implore you shot callers that are edging us toward this, back up. Surrender your fcking bs clownshow forces and we can talk this through. If you're willing to prosecute the criminals who work with you ion DC and almost every other layer of gov you may yet avoid a hemp rope or worse. Just saying.


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