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Sunday, August 31, 2014

General Reuben Goldberg - You are relieved of Command...

As a species we tend to tinker and try to improve methods and tools of work.  We are constantly seeking a better mousetrap.  In most cases this is a good trait, except when we over-complicate a simple matter.

As Mosby has pointed out 4GW is truly nothing new - it's just a fancy new title to describe how Mankind has been fighting since Mankind began.  When genuine, innovative tinkering presents useful results, such as more crop yield for less work, it is a good thing and to be embraced.  When we simply re-package X and call it "new & improved", we are better-off if we stop kidding ourselves.

So be careful not to let Reuben Goldbergs into your sphere.  They will needlessly complicate simple matters.

Like the picture above.

When you decide to go to war and win, all you do is find your enemy, then cut his fucking head off.  Then, go and burn his home to the ground.  Repeat as necessary.  Hearts & Minds?  They tend to fall in line when heads are - literally - rolling in the streets.

How do you think the Leftists in America plan to mop-up the few of us remaining Liberty-minded folks just before claiming victory?


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