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Sunday, August 10, 2014

III Percent Society

New post at the III Society blog, a system for open Comms has been established and made operational for those of you who seek to reach out to fellow Patriots in your AOs.

Here's the link.



  1. I am having trouble with the Comments section on the III Society blog. I am trying to comment on the Region IV page but I continue to get an error stating "An error occurred while contacting the server". I attempted to just comment openly and I also tried to reply to SSGSmash but got the same error. If you are reading this then my connection should be good. Is there something currently wrong with the server for Region IV? I hate to bother you with this but the Board of Directors list doesn't include Comms personnel so I turn to you. Thank you for your time - I know you're extremely busy.
    B Wayne

    1. This one came through with no problems...

  2. i commented on Region I and it seemed to work properly... could just be an individual page thing rather than over-all site thing


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