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Sunday, August 31, 2014

III Society

The III Percent Society for America is your organization.

It is good to see so many people taking advantage of the "Region" tabs at the top of the III Society blog page to connect, and in some cases get together.  Network, folks.  Get to know faces and names and people now, so that you are not meeting for the first time in an emergency.

Here's the link.  Everyone's support is helpful, useful, and as events ramp-up (like they are doing now) will provide a network we can use on the local, local, local levels as well as regional and beyond.

I would suggest everyone in the Society consider a Quiet Professional demeanor.  Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don't bluster.  When it is time to put a knife into someone's neck, you'll know it - and you do not need direction or instruction - or permission - from anyone.


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  1. K,the REGION was an awesome idea and it truly is a great way to meet other III% and I must give many thanks to wiscodave for being so quick about certain intel when it came to answering a few questions if the rest of the III% is as friendly and responsive as he I feel the III% is my new and hopefully long lost home


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