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Friday, August 8, 2014

ISIS: The Caliphate now exists...

Say what you will.  Draw any distinctions or nuances you wish.

The fact is simple: The Caliphate again exists.

It exists because of the actions of American politicians at the highest levels.

This will not truly be a threat to CONUS Americans for a decade or so, until they get their hands on State-built nukes and chem/bio.  Sooner if they remember catapults throwing plague-victims over castle walls...

But travelling Americans should be prudent - especially if you've yapped online about these fucktards.

That is all.

III Percent Society for America, here.


  1. I've yapped plenty about them online. I will not be traveling abroad though. They'll have to come to me and I will once again strap up and drop the war hammer on their asses. Have a great day.

  2. As fucked up as these islamofascists are, I fear my own government more. At least the caliphate is honest about their intentions, The US feds lie every chance they get.

  3. Yup, me too. I've yapped plenty about their unclean goat fucking, pedophilic sodomite ways. And I got some bacon grease dipped lead just waiting to send their asses to Hades if they choose to migrate
    South of Dearbornistan. It's coming, we all know it.

  4. Sooner than later IMO. Look at the border, look at the head of DHS, look at Brennan at the CIA, hell we have an Islamic plant in the W.H...The shit is on top of us...any day now.


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