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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Respect Existence or Expect Resistance...

Probably one of the best protest signs I have ever seen.  It's been catching my eye all day, and I was only motivated to write about it when a fellow III Patriot sent me an email.  He wrote me and as I read his words I realized he was in my head.

Is there any III Patriot who looks at that sign and would not IMMEDIATELY start walking the same direction as this man, providing him with Constitutionally-codified, Natural Right Law protections?

If you would not because of his skin color, leave this website and never return.  Fuck you.  If you would not stand with man, do us all a favor and eat a bullet.

When you find a man who expresses Rightful Liberty, even if it is not as eloquent as Mister Jefferson, you stand with him.  When a man shows you who he is believe it.  Such men deserve your protection, your respect, and you owe him the benefit of your AR covering him.

You welcome men and women into your sphere of protection - your Tribe - when they demonstrate worthiness.  What more can you ask of this man?  He's holding a sign against men with a sniper scope on his face.  There is no AR slung across his back.

Accept allies when and where you find them.  Help him protect what is important to him.  Back it up with your AR if it come to that.  Arm him, if it comes to that.  Teach him, if it comes to that.  I promise you he will eventually be willing to provide intel on the troublemakers in the neighborhood.

The number of people in this country who would be willing to accept Rightful Liberty is tiny.

I have already identified two men who are probably tasked with putting a bullet in my head when the time comes.  If you don't think you have one or two such people infiltrated under your wire, you are NOT playing prudently

Do you have gear set aside to give to people like this man when you run across them - the tools to give him the ability to fight for his own Liberty - which makes your fight easier?

People willing to fight for Rightful Liberty are a tiny minority.  This man is the way Hearts & Minds are turned inside his social circles.  That does not take an Army career, or short-term job - to noodle through for most of us.

Time is short.  Every single move we make must advance the goal to inhibit the Will and Means of OpFor to wage war.

The man holding the sign above is one of those actions.

Here's the blog I found it on - and it is added to the blogroll.  I hope you do the same.  Good Job.

III Percent Society, here.


  1. K
    Im with you on this one. This guy impressed me and YES made me wanna walk his direction. One good thing coming out of Ferguson is that the rest of America is finally getting to see what most LEO and their deptartments are all about now. Also, Im sure that there are MANY Patriots going over all the pics and videos of said LEO and the flawed strategy that these arrogant goose-stepping jackbooted thugs are implementing. Their arrogance is sickening BUT I hope its woven into the DNA of ALL LEO wanna-be Masters around the land. I mean who does that sniper think that he is, Kate Winslet in Titanic? "Im the KING OF FERGUSON,..." Maybe he's posing for the cover of some monthly cop mag or something. I just pray that when the shooting starts all out for RevWarIII That ALL the LEO are like these idiots in Ferguson.
    Anyway, I agree that REAL leadership is what is needed in that community. Instead of looting stores and shops and gas stations they need direction pointing them to City Hall, The Police Department, The Mayors House, etc. etc.


    1. Protests against the cops is one thing. Looting is something else. They lost all credibility and empathy when they started looting. Free Citizen

    2. I certainly have no desire to be judged by the behavior of other individuals. I don't see any looting going on in that photograph.

      Using the concept of "they" is how "our" government is keeping the citizens so busy arguing with each other that we overlook what the government is really doing.

    3. That sign doesn't show the mind of a group. That handmade sign shows the thoughts of a single individual willing to speak out for his beliefs.

      I would have liked for the press to follow him that day. I'll bet he did not loot, burn, or destroy anyone's private property. If that held true, I would have gladly marched with him. He appears to be a man in quest of Righteous Liberty!

    4. Bravo - excellent perspective. We know the number of people like him are very few, ESPECIALLY from his demographic. But every single person like him, if he is for real, is an arrow in our quiver.

  2. I wonder where all the "not one more inch" crowd is right now? Protesters decided to break the curfew last night and from what I've read, police responded pretty harshly. Why isn't the "no more free Wacos" crowd rushing out there now? This could very well be the spark that does it if these people will channel their anger in the right direction.
    Josh R.

  3. So true Patrick,al Sharpton is NO leader Jessie Jackson pushing for the people to vote was the most intelligent words I have heard coming out of his mouth in along time.
    K, we are over the whole skin difference its the enemy that is pushing the hate between the races, real patriots only see a leader with a sign like the one this patriot is holding and to give him cover in his time of need is a patriots duty,as for the looting wow this younger gen is truly a problem that needs direction

  4. Have LEO overstepped at times ? Yes, However I would Rather have LEO keeping my street safe ,Than This mob walking down my street.Ferguson is systematic of urban areas in the USA today,A welfare mentallity,A welfare state,and now welfare cities.We have this because of a Libral mentalty.A mind set that the Gov.will take care of all your needs.I've lived in the Hood, I've worked in the Hood and I feel I can comment on the Hood,If there was no rioting I would agree,Violence begets violece.Look at all that is happening when it comes to a race issue,it's always the overbearing LEO, Stop for a second and look around.Have you walked through thses Hoods? They will attack you in a heartbeat just because your not from that Hood(White, Black it will not matter,) The Thugs that will jump you are not hard working citizens,they are THUGS on the Gov Assit.programs.Just because someone wrote and handed him a sign,does not make him a mentor by any means.Want to stop this get rid of all of the dead asses on the Gov TIT,Picture the USA with no LEO see how that turns out.

    1. Really, free citizens of a Constitutional Republic believe it is justifiable for a "peace" officer to shoot and kill an unarmed citizen?
      He pinched/shoplifted/five-finger discounted miniature cigars.
      So the Fuck what!
      That is no justification for drawing down on and killing an unarmed suspect.
      As always, your comments reflect the racist BS that has all citizens under the heel, fist and gun of law enforcement.
      With your steadfast horseshit that innocent black Americans are never brutalized or killed by police.
      He was murdered by an oathbreaking jackboot, one of many who are heavily armed, running wild, and hiding behind their (LEO) badges thinking they can do whatever, whenever, to whomever they want and are above the law.
      "Peace" officer Wilson knew nothing about the theft/assult at the convenience store.
      Chief of Police Jackson repeatedly admitted that on Friday, until
      other brains of intelligence schooled him behind closed doors on
      his stupidity and drew up another script for him to read from soon
      after his babbling stupidity.
      Kelly Thomas - Fullerton, California, white American, murdered by jackboot "peace" oathbreakers in 2011.
      James M. Boyd - white American, shot to death by police while ‘illegally camping’ in the foothills of NM, 2014
      Jose Guerena - hispanic American, a 26-year-old former U.S. marine who served 2 tours in Iraq, murdered by Tucson, Arizona swat, after he and his wife thought that their home was being invaded. He hid his wife, Vanessa, and his 4-year-old son in a closet and grabbed his rifle and was murdered moments later at his front door, 2011.
      Erik Scott - white American, Army veteran and a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, murdered by Las Vegas Police leaving a Costco store with his girlfriend, 2010.
      If you don't recognize any of the above mentioned names, or are not familiar with their murders, or believe that only innocent white and hispanic Americans are murdered by "peace" officers, then fuck you and joyously revel in your chains of enslavement and prejudiced ignorance.

    2. What "they found" is irrelevant.
      Just as it was irrelevant, when they invented and fabricated
      lies to justify the murders of the citizens I mentioned previously.
      Kelly Thomas.
      James M. Boyd.
      Jose Guerena.
      Erik Scott.
      And as anyone who claims to support and defend not only our Constitution, but also Natural Right Law protections, knows the above mentioned murdered is only the tip of the iceberg.
      Without question, it is only the tip because our Republic is occupied by a standing army of souless murders known as "police officers," regardless of the existence of some officers who are honorable and uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

    3. "A welfare state,and now welfare cities. We have this because of a Libral mentalty."

      Sure. We also have it because you (and I and everyone else) paid for it. Control that which you can actually control; anything else is simple whining.

  5. "May your chains set lightly on you". Unless you are a 'Ruler' LEO isn't keeping your streets safe for you, he's there to keep you in line.

  6. This is a warm up that is meant to stoke racial hatred and it has worked to some extent. Thank you K for your perspective and rational thought on the matter. This is indeed a teachable moment for many if it's done right and I think you just did.

  7. The guy holding the sign does deserve to be supported by everyone who is concerned about our overly militarized police,who are acting like jackbooted thugs, believe that they do not have to follow any rules,and can just make up some bullshit story that justifies their killing of innocent-usually unarmed citizens.
    I would march with this guy,I highly doubt he's one of the looters,or gangbangers that are screwing it up for everyone.
    There are far too few who stand up for our rights,who call out the police,prosecutors,judges,and politicians,for violating our rights.
    We are all in this together,race is simply not a factor-what we stand for is a factor.

  8. It is too easy to dismiss this man and this sign, because of the context: He is black and black folks seem to be rioting and looting. However, the same logic would have Patriots dismiss me as a redneck, no-tooth, sister-fucking hillbilly, all because I'm an Okie, drive a truck and dip Skoal.

    Part of the success of the Statists has been to convince us that our differences are more important than what bind us together. Sure, there are loads of poor blacks that are welfare-dependent and just a riot looking for a place to happen. However, there are also Patriots among them. At the very least, there are potential allies and supporters among them.

    My closest friend in Afghanistan was a black man with a gold "toof." He was the FDC NCOIC on our COP. He told me that if I was ever in a gunfight and needed rounds on target right fucking now, just get on the radio and let him know. He'd worry about weapons release authority AFTER my ass was safe.


    1. Fuckin A right on *that* radio check.
      Got you five by five, soldier.

      Liberals can talk "demographics" all they effin want. And the demographics are what they are - changing that will be a generational thing, and we're all gonna have to do our part... after we depose the traitorous filth that currently rule this shitpile of a nation.
      They made it a shitpile, and it took them nearly a hundred years - does anyone doubt that it will take just as long to repair that damage?

      But when **A MAN** SAYS and DOES the RIGHT THINGS you are either with him, or against him, and I damn sure will judge people by their actions. Those which are honorable shall receive honor in return. Everything else, will take fire from my position for as long as I have ammo.


  9. Still can’t believe folks in the Liberty Movement are picking sides in this mess. I see TWO OpFor units, (PoPo & FSA) smacking each other around. Maybe we will get lucky and they all kill each other off.

    There may be a few good cops there (or not), and I am sure there are some good folks among the protestors. But, since none of us were there for the events that started this mess, I say let them fight it out.

    The guy with the sign is an exception or an aberration, like most of the readers here. I would stand with him, but I have no way of knowing if he would stand with me and mine.

    1. You see two forests, and fail to see the one clear and separate tree in the foreground. Focus... without it you will F.F. your allies, and find yourself alone out there.


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