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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There is a difference...

Blue on Blue: Friendly fire is an attack by a military force on friendly forces while attempting to attack the enemy, either misidentifying the target as hostile, or due to errors or inaccuracy.

Kneecapping: Kneecapping is a form of malicious wounding.

There is a difference.  It is an existential difference in the real world.

I would suggest to every Patriot: Hone that radar, fast.  And if that radar is out of whack, your IFF radar is fooked.



  1. It is time to get at it, stop turning 2+2 = 4 into advanced mathematical algorithms.
    Stop posing, or shut the fuck up and get the hell out of the way!
    They are fucking up protestors the hard way, right now, tonight.
    Live feed link from Ferguson, MO: new.livestream.com/accounts/9035483/events/3271930

  2. Cavmedic, I watched the video. That's fucked up. I saw a bunch of kids out there dancing in the crowd. Then they started popping gas and firing into the crowd! Rubber bullets, for sure, but those things can take out a damn eye! With kids in the crowd! They chased the protesters into a neighborhood, still shooting that damn gas, setting someone's yard on fire in the process! Those damn cops don't give a shit! Assholes, every one of them!

  3. Additional links for martial law Ferguson, MO.

    reddit.com/live/tdrph3y49ftn/ - Live Feed for riot and protest in Ferguson, MO. Scanner reports, news links.



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