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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Will LEO prevail in SHTF: Asked & Answered...

Ignore motives, Right versus Wrong, blah, blah - and simply analyze the situation.

A guy with a bag of chips in one hand throws a CS canister back at LEO during a riot.

Extrapolate to every major metro and minor metro area.

Unless wholesale slaughter is unleashed, LEO will be a minor participant in future events.  And if wholesale slaughter is unleashed, the LEO chapter will be even shorter.

If you are in a position to duck and stay out of the way of the stupid masses for up to a year while they kill each other, while disease and famine do their work, you'll probably be just fine.

Here's the piece.


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  1. If fortune favors us, then perhaps the LEO in our respective AOs will have their 'Come To Jesus' moment when they see how bad things have become.

    If they don't...well, toss 'em in with the other bastards and aim for the head or the pelvic girdle. We wouldn't want all that gear sneaking away on such an undeserving vessel anyway (Tax-payer funded SBRs? Ooh, shiny!)


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