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Thursday, September 18, 2014

"...and then, kick him in the testicles..."

Major Eric Sykes, of Fairbairn-Sykes fame, reportedly ended every Combatives class he taught at Camp X with the title of this post - "...and then, kick him in the testicles..."

He was part of the team put together to train SOE & OSS agents and commandoes.  He had a lot of experience in CQB, and he had many techniques to offer before the finale of a swift boot to the balls.

He was an advocate of point-shooting.  He was good at it. 

He was a dangerous man.  He taught other men how to be dangerous.

Here's one of the books he wrote with his ally Fairbairn (it's an Amazon link) that I commend to all of you.  Title: Shooting to Live With the One Hand Gun

You do not need a slick & tricked AR to be dangerous.  You do not need a $700 knife.  You do not need to have studied serious martial arts from the time you were a toddler.

To be dangerous is from within

To be dangerous is a choice.  Then get a few tools and learn to use them - always driven by the conscious choice to be dangerous.


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